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The Quilt Show Newsletter - March 25, 2022

Who Won the BERNINA?, See a Striking Round Quilt, Ellen Lindner on the Set, Learn About Analogous Color, How To Sew A Bean Bag Frog, Neutral Blooms in the Store, Harmonic Convergence is Back, Puzzle

Weekend Fun - March 25, 2022
The Winner of the BERNINA 570 QE will be announced LIVE by Alex and Ricky TODAY (3/25/2022) at 10am PST.  HINT: The winner's name has a vowel in it.
Featured Quilt - You'll Become Transfixed If You Stare

Chroma by Tara Evans was featured in the Use of Negative Space category at Quiltcon 2022. Tara says, "Chroma came from my desire to design a dramatic and deceptive round quilt, that plays with the eye. I love the striking effect of a two tone quilt but wanted to bring in some color with the quilting." See how her quilt plays with perception by laying your own eyes on it. But don't stare too long, we want you to come back and see other quilts as well.
On The Set with Ellen Lindner
Take A Peek At What's Going On This Week

Experience behind the scenes of The Quilt Show with Ellen Lindner, the Adventure Quilter. Ellen enjoys guiding traditional quilters wanting to transition from traditional to art quilting. From photo inspiration to basic design principles, Ellen has broken each area into simple to understand concepts. And lastly, she shares an easy to do glued fabric collage composition using fabric scraps, a transfer design, and electrical tape. This no sew, batting, binding or backing project is fun to do!

Watch Ellen in Learn the Principles of Quilt Design, Create a Quilt Inspired by a Photo and a Glued Fabric Collage with Ellen Lindner, when it debuts this Sunday, March 27, 2022.

Dee Christopher LIVE: Color My Quilt - Lesson 05
Analogous Color Schemes

Join Quilting Instructor Dee Christopher in a FREE hands-on class where you practice color theory by creating quilt blocks. In this lesson, learn about Analogous Colors. (Groups of three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.)

Dee will be LIVE TOMORROW, March 26, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
WeAllSew Tutorial: How To Sew A Bean Bag Frog
You'll Be Hopping With Delight Over This

Leni Levenson Wiener (Show 2204) at WeAllSew has a fun and easy project that is sure to get your day off to a hopping start. Learn how to sew some Bean Bag Frogs from Leni to add some whimsy and delight to the decor of your house, or as a fun gift to give for family and friends.
Harmonic Convergence is Back!
Now's Your Chance...

If you missed Ricky's online, interactive Harmonic Convergence class, he's doing it again!
April 9-10, 2022.
Only $54
Personal Critique, Input, and Suggestions!

Convergence quilts are magical, fast, easy, and VERY fun! This course will cover the first of four Convergence methods, the Harmonic Convergence. By using only four squares of fabric, an amazing and magical artful wall quilt emerges. Join Ricky for this class and feel the excitement of the amazing, unexpected results of this mysterious technique.
Alex Anderson's Neutral Blooms Kit & Pattern - Now Available!
Neutral Blooms Kit & Pattern

Join Alex in a FREE Online class where she shares her secrets to successful neutral quilts as she walks you through making her beautiful quilt, Neutral Blooms.

If you have your own stash of neutrals, bring it on, or purchase one of Alex's curated Jump Start Kits that includes 17 beautiful neutral fabric pieces plus 2 gorgeous grunge background fabrics.

(Class begins April 4, 2022.)
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Giddy Up Partner!
"Cowboy Up!" by Tommy Romano

Made using an animal skin print fat quarter bundle he picked up at Houston, Cowboy Up! didn't really come to fruition until Tommy came across the boot pattern featured so prominently a couple of years later. By marrying the two together, and featuring an improvised piano key border made up of the leftover fabric around the edge, Tommy created a quilt that any cowboy or cowgirl would want to giddy up about!

See more of Tommy's quilts in
How to Make Two Different Beginner Friendly Quilts with Tommy Romano | Tour the Texas Quilt Museum.

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