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The Quilt Show Newsletter - June 4, 2023

Third Place - Hand Quilted Quilts at Paducah 2023, Rachaeldaisy Grows New Ideas On The Quilt Show, Most Expensive Fabrics - #7, Textiles In The Land of the Rising Sun with Kris Vierra, "Portal" Kits Are Still Available, A Puzzle That Gets Your Goat

Sunday Smiles - June 4, 2023

Featured Quilt - Third Place Hand Quilted Quilts at Paducah 2023

In the Square Where the Refreshing Breeze is Blowing by Isako Wada won Third Place - Hand Quilted Quilts (Sponsored by Arrow Sewing) at AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2023. Isako's quilt is no slouch when it comes to picking the hand quilting awards, because last year it took home First Place - Hand Quilting / Hand Made (Sponsored by Flynn Quilt Frame Co.) at the 2022 Houston international Quilt Festival. Come take a look at this wonder of hand quilting and get up close with the detail photos to see the work and dedication that was put into making this beautiful quilt.

See The Quilt

Rachaeldaisy Grows New Ideas On The Quilt Show!

New Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Await You

Australian quilter and teacher Rachaeldaisy is known for fresh and eye-popping interpretations of traditional quilt designs. Not one to be intimidated, she easily mixes styles, techniques, and hand and machine work with stunning results. Learn how folded stars, Yo-Yos, and bubbles can be reinvigorated when you look through rose-colored glasses in our newest show.

Watch Rachaeldaisy in Learn How to Make Yo-Yos, Bubbles, and Folded Stars with Rachaeldaisy, which debuts today!

Watch The Show
Watch The Trailer

The Ten Most Expensive Fabrics - #7 Cashmere

What's Getting Your Goat?

Capt'n John brings us the eighth most expensive fabric, Cashmere. We're probably all familiar with cashmere sweaters, but do you know where it comes from? (We will give you a hint, it's the animal to the right.)

Learn More

Textiles In The Land of the Rising Sun with Kris Vierra

The Quilter On the Run Is Running Off to Japan

Join Kris Vierra, Quilter on the Run, for an immersive textile adventure in Japan. This small intimate tour includes hands-on Shibori and Roketsu dyeing workshops, textile museum visits, and plenty of stops at one of a kind quilting and fabric stores. Click the button below, or scan the QR code in the bottom right corner of the image above to find out more.

Want to learn more from Kris before joining her on this once-in-a-lifetime journey? Learn from her directly right here at The Quilt Show by watching her in Learn Finishing Techniques and How to Quilt Your Garments with Kris Vierra.

Learn More
Watch Kris' Show

In The Store - "Portal" Kits

We Have Just a Few Portal Kits Left - Get Yours Before they're Gone!

Join Ricky Tims TOMORROW, June 5, 2023, @ 8 AM PST, 11 AM EST, and 4 PM London time for a Portal Showcase where you can share your Portal quilt with the world or just have a look at other people's quilts and get inspiration for your own.

Haven't started making your Portal quilt yet? While you may miss the showcase, it's never too late to start making a new project. With only a small handful of Ombre Portal Kits left, get yours today and show it off in the forum when you're done!

See The Kit

The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Goat with a Beautiful Name

"Bella" by Mary Pal

Bella was made for an exhibition in Taiwan where Mary was placed under a Capricorn grouping, where everyone ended up making something to do with goats. She says, "The symbol of the astrological sign Capricorn is the goat. This artwork is adapted from a photo by Kevin Horan, whose camera captured the whimsical, almost human expression of this inquisitive goat." And, after seeing the photo, Mary knew she just had to reproduce it in her signature medium of cheesecloth.

See more of Mary's quilts in Learn How to Use Cheesecloth for Appliqué with Mary Pal | How to Make a Quilt Sleeve with Ricky Tims.

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See The Quilt

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Color and Value

Both color and value play an important part in your quilt design. Here at the quilt show we have numerous shows discussing these design attributes, including How to Use Color and Value with Michelle Jackson | How to Piece CurvesHow to Use Color and Value in Your Quilt and How to Do Applique with Grace Errea, and How to do Fusible Flower Applique with Melinda Bula | How to Use Color Value in Your QuiltsJoin us and get started!

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