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The Quilt Show Newsletter - January 29, 2023

Marie White Masterpiece Award - Road to California 2023, Carole Lyles Shaw Joins Us For Our Newest Show, DAR Museum - Sheets Don't Sew Themselves, QSOS with Denyse Schmidt, Crafting Magic Fat Quarter Bundle, A Puzzle That Makes You Say "Oh!"

Sunday Smiles - January 29, 2023

Featured Quilt - Marie White Masterpiece Award at Road to California 2023

If you had bet that Janet Stone was going to win another award this year, odds are you probably would have won because, guess what, she did it again! That's right, Janet's quilt, An Angel Watching Over Ewe, took home the Marie White Masterpiece Award at Road to California 2023. This quilt won the BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Best Sewing Machine Workmanship Award at PIQF XXX in 2021.

Here's what Janet has to say about her award-winning quilt, "Inspired by antique Frakturs, the name of the background alphabet fabric in the center is "Lexington", which is where my mom was born, Lexington, Missouri. The entire quilt was designed around that fabric, and the alphabet, of course. This quilt is dedicated to her, and the thought of her watching over me."

Take a look at this beautiful quilt and our brand new set of photos of it from the floor of Road to California. Once you see it, we know "ewe-ll" love it!

Learn from Janet right here at the quilt show, where she made our 2014 BOM that was also sheep inspired, by watching her in Block of the Month Quilt 2014 A-Z for Ewe and Me! by Janet Stone.

See The Quilt
Watch Janet's Show

Carole Lyles Shaw Joins Us For Our Newest Show!

Come and Create with Carole

Carole Lyles Shaw creates modern, colorful, and vibrant improv quilts that feature her love of individualism and free expression. She enjoys teaching quilters who are "modern curious" and looking to embrace change in their work. Learn the benefits of working in a series based on a single design and how to incorporate bold African prints into a traditional Drunkard’s Path with exciting results.

Watch Carole in Learn How to Work in a Series and an Afro Modern Fractured Disappearing 9-Patch with Carole Lyles Shaw, which debuts today!

Watch The Show
Watch The Trailer

DAR Museum: Sheets Don't Sew Themselves - Calculating the Sewing in Pre-Industrial Women's Lives

Virtual Tuesday Talk

Join the DAR Museum, February 14, 2023 at 12pm (Eastern) for Sheets Don't Sew Themselves: Calculating the Sewing in Pre-Industrial Women's Lives.

Curator Alden O'Brien discusses how much of women's lives were spent sewing based an a study of diaries from pre-industrial America. This research was done in preparation for an upcoming 2024 exhibit on the making and meaning of sewn goods.

Learn How to Register

Quilters' Save Our Stories with Denyse Schmidt

Shared From One Quilter to Another and On and On

For our spotlight on the Quilters' Save Our Stories (QSOS) program from the Quilt Alliance this week, we feature Denyse Schmidt being interviewed at their annual Quilters Take Manhattan event in 2012 in front of an audience by then president (and past guest of The Quilt Show) Meg Cox. In it, they discuss her quilt, One Big Square, "her background in graphic design and dance, her inspiration for her quilt design, her design process, and the role of quilts in American life."

Hear Her Story

In The Store - Crafting Magic Fat Quarter Bundle By Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery Fabrics

Birds, Bees, and Nature's Ease

This sweet Crafting Magic Fat Quarter Bundle of 12 fabrics features bees, bunnies, butterflies, and flowers - everything you need for spring!

See The Bundle

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Three Across Is A Win!

"Tic-Tac-OH!" by Maria Shell

Tic-Tac-OH! is from Maria's circle and curve sampler class. Early on when she first began teaching on the road, Maria was asked by a guild for her to teach this class but that they'd like a sample. Since she didn't have a sample for the class, she saw this as her opportunity to make one. Tic-Tac-OH! as that sampler, and it features her braided curves, log cabin circles, and what she calls squaring the circle, which turns the circles into blocks.

See more of Maria's quilts in Braided Curves, Lines and Triangles Equal Squares with Maria Shell | For the Love of Quilting with Nancy and Karey.

Go To Puzzle
See The Quilt

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Have "EWE" Taken a Look at All You Can Learn on The Quilt Show?

More than 400 artists and teachers have graced the studios of The Quilt Show demonstrating, teaching, and sharing their years of knowledge and experience in the quilting world, including the fabulous Janet Stone (Show 1401) whose quilt detail 'ewe' are enjoying above. Why don't you join us to see what 'ewe' can learn?

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Quilt: An Angel Watching Over Ewe Detail by Janet Stone

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