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The Quilt Show Newsletter January 17, 2022

A Trained Biologist's Quilt, See Lisa Thorpe's Workbook, Alex's Mystery Stitch and Craft Napa Review, Warm Remembrances Exhibit, Imperial Collection 17 Bundle, Memory Match, A Strip Filled Puzzle

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Newsletter - January 17, 2022
Featured Quilt - A Bright and Beaming Beetle

Jewel Beetle by Esther Tronchoni Simo was featured in the Animal Kingdom category at Houston 2018 and really shows off its colors and photo-realistic appearance. Based on a photograph by Levon Biss in an exhibition in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Esther says, "As a trained biologist, I was fascinated by the photograph of this beetle the moment I saw it in an exhibition. I wanted to convey the bright and varied colors that this tiny insect has that can only be appreciated when the image has been enlarged. I felt the best way to do this was with raw-edge appliqué against a black interwoven background."
"Workbook" A Ticket to Lisa Thorpe's Great Show
Organize Your Inspiration With Creativity and Fun

In our latest show, Lisa Thorpe shows Alex her workbook of observations and moments of delight that often become the inspiration for a piece of work. The workbook allows her to flush out ideas, colors, words (elements) that then become the intentions (principles) of the final design.

Learn from Lisa in How To Make a Bird Box and Time Stamp Collage with Lisa Thorpe | Sue Spargo Inspiration with Alex Anderson.
The Quilt Show LIVE: Mystery Stitch & Craft Napa Review
Make It Your Own Embroidery Class #10

It's a Mystery Embroidery Stitch because at this writing, Alex is at Craft Napa taking lessons and asking other students what stitches they love. She will decide on the stitch based on their answers and tell you all about the classes she took. Alex's motto is "Keep Learning", and that is what she wants you to do too.

Alex is LIVE TODAY Monday, January 17, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making
See Some Beautiful Quilts and the Memories that Inspired Them

The Quilt Alliance is excited to announce that their virtual quilt exhibition, Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making, is now open to the public. This exhibition was created in conjunction with Quilters Take a Moment last September, but now anyone can tour the exhibit and see the amazing quilts, curated by Laura Hopper.
New In The Store - Imperial Collection 17 by Studio RK
Make Your Quilt Stand Out

The new Imperial Collection 17 by Studio RK features beautiful fabric full of lush cherry blossoms, peonies, peacocks, and koi, all with metallic gold accents.

Each bundle contains 22, 18" x 21" fabric pieces.
Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game
Want to start your week off right? Then get your wheels turning and play Jinny Beyer's Memory Match. You'll feel smarter with each match!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Fusible Wonder
"Strip Quilt" by Tara Faughnan

Created during a weeklong workshop with Rosalie Dace (Show 711) and featuring all fused strips, no prints, Tara Faughnan's Strip Quilt is a fusible wonder that you can barely even tell is fused together. But by the time Tara came home after the workshop to put the quilt together, she had forgotten how to use the fusible and needed to relearn the process.

See more of Tara's quilts in
A New Way to Look at Color with Tara Faughnan | Quilt Studio Tour Diana McClun.
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