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The Quilt Show Newsletter January 16, 2022

A Quilting Joke, Quilt has a "3rd Dimension", Collages-Workbooks and Sue Spargo, Microwave Dyed Fabric Puzzle, Nature as Wearable Art, Wool Charm Packs are in Stock

Sunday Smiles - January 16, 2022
Featured Quilt - Besieged By Beautiful Bubbles

Bubble Ballet by Birgit Schüeller won Third Place in the Small Wall Quilts category at Spring Paducah 2019. Birgit had this to say about quilting the colorful design, "I chose one color thread for each set of circles and due to the shading within each of them, the thread color seems to change between sections of the same circle. This adds a third dimension to the circles turning them into bubbles. Bubble Ballet seems to be spinning in an endless loop!"
Lisa Thorpe Leads The Way In Our Latest Show
Bird Box Collages, Workbooks, and Sue Spargo! Oh My!

Lisa Thorpe, artist, story teller and wearable art maker, discusses how imagery and photography play a huge role in her artwork in our new show and demonstrates how to make creative bird box collages using photos, assorted fabrics, bits of ribbons and simple machine stitches.

Plus, Alex shares five lessons she learned from Sue Spargo when it comes to designing a wool and embroidery embellished piece.

Learn from Lisa and Alex in How To Make a Bird Box and Time Stamp Collage with Lisa Thorpe | Sue Spargo Inspiration with Alex Anderson, which debuts today!
Melissa Meier Transforms Nature Into Wearable Art
And You Thought Fabric Was Hard to Work With

Most designers of clothes and other wearable garments tend to use traditional fabrics when putting together their outfits. Sure there are more difficult ones to work with like silk or lace, but the clothes still come together with ease if you know what you're doing. Melissa Meier
on the other hand, bucks that trend and has been working with trees, wheat, grass, really anything out in nature. Find out how she does it, and how she makes it look stylish and fashionable as well!

(Photo: Sweet Gum Balls by Melissa Meier)
Sunday Smiles Quilting Joke
It'll Have You In Stitches! (Get It?)

Every now and then you just need a good joke to brighten up your day. And since today is Sunday Smiles, we thought you'd enjoy this doozy of a quilting joke. Read on for the laughs ahead!
New In The Store - Wool Charm Packs from Kim Schaeffer
Fire Wool Charm Pack
Fresh Wool Charm Pack
Ice Wool Charm Pack
Perfect for Wool Appliqué!

These pre-felted 100% Wool Charm Packs for appliqué come in ten beautiful shades by Kim Schaefer for Andover and are featured in our latest show with Lisa Thorpe. They come in three different varieties, Fire, Fresh, and Ice, each with their own unique ten shades.

Each charm pack includes 10, 5" x 5" inch felted wool pieces.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Featuring Microwave Dyed Fabric
"Lilies" by Barbara Black

Lilies was made by Barbara in a class with Judy Simmons where Judy taught her students how to microwave dye fabric. So the flowers are made out of a fat quarter that Barbara microwave dyed purple and then cut into flower shapes afterward. Once put together, like most of her earlier quilts, Barbara then appliquéd and hand quilted the piece to bring it all together.

See more of Barbara's quilts in Block of the Month Quilt 2022 Garden Party Down Under by Irene Blanck with Barbara Black.
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