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The Quilt Show Newsletter - February 26, 2024

Best Hand Workmanship Award - 2024 AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Beach, Have You Watched Betty Ford-Smith's "Great Show" Yet?, PMA x Cloth & Company - Gee's Bend Edition, Textile Talks: QSOS Interview with Annie Ruth Ware Brown, In The Store - Quilters Select 80 WT Thread, A "Turtle" Puzzle

February 26, 2024

Featured Quilt - Best Hand Workmanship Award at 2024 AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Beach

What makes a quilt beautiful? Is it the fabrics used? The inspiration behind it? The quilting put into it? A combination of these things and more? Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and for us here at The Quilt Show we certainly feel Naomi Otomo's quilt Peacock is a standout beauty for sure. Taking its title from the proud and exuberant bird of the same name, Naomi's quilt took home the Best Hand Workmanship Award at 2024 AQS QuiltWeek - Daytona Beach.

This quilt is just one from the multi-award winning Naomi, whose other work from the last year, Flower Carnival, won the Stevii Graves Memorial Director's Choice award at Road to California 2023.

See "Peacock"
See "Flower Carnival"

Have You Watched Betty Ford-Smith's "Great Show" Yet?

Learn The Joys of Pinecone Quilts and So Much More

Betty Ford-Smith is just the latest in a long line of established quilters who have brought their rich history of quilting knowledge to The Quilt Show. Our viewers just can't get enough of Betty and the joy she brings when teaching her craft. Here's what just a few of them had to say:

"Well, you’ve done it again. Another great great show with a future “legend lady”. Thank you all, we need to be reminded about good people and their successes." - Pamela C.

"I am so excited for this show! This is on my bucket list! Thank you so much, I knew Betty's book was coming out, and I missed it! I own it now, Thank you very much" - Paula M.

"Great show! I love that Betty Ford-Smith is taking what was shared with her, creating beautiful quilts, and then teaching what she has learned with so many others." - Charlene Van W.

Learn from Betty, and Alex Anderson, by watching Learn Color Combinations and How to Make Pinecone Quilts with Betty Ford-Smith.

Watch The Show

PMA x Cloth & Company - Gee's Bend Edition

Furnish Your Home With Gee's Bend Quilts

Last week we featured an exhibit of Gee's Bend quilts that were on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In the same gallery was a collection of furniture covered with digitally reproduced designs of those quilts. Learn about this exclusive furniture collection celebrating the work of Mary Lee Bendolph, Delia Bennett, Annie E. Pettway, Loretta Petway, and Magdalene Wilson of Gee's Bend.

Watch The Furniture Video
Watch The Quilts Video

Textile Talks: QSOS Interview with Annie Ruth Ware Brown

Conducted by A’donna Richardson

Presented by the Quilt Alliance, "Join the Quilt Alliance for the third interview in our yearlong QSOS 25th Anniversary Impact series on Textile Talks. Episode 3 features an interview with artist Annie Ruth Ware Brown conducted by fellow quiltmaker and historian A’donna Richardson for the Quilters’ Save Our Stories project (QSOS)."

Register today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 2 PM EDT.

Learn More | Get Registered

In The Store - Quilters Select 80 WT Thread

Ruby Red


Pristine Blue

Experience The Perfect Stitch with Para-Cotton Poly!

Para-Cotton Poly 80 wt. Thread is made of polyester that has been thermally treated to remove undesired stretchiness and shrinkage, this thread looks, feels, and stitches like mercerized cotton. The fineness of this thread makes it perfect for your bobbin, machine quilting, and appliqué. Available in 40 gorgeous colors!

See The Thread

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Totally Tubular Turtles

"Turtle Bay" by Claudia Pfeil

Examine life under the sea with Turtle Bay, an enchanting quilt by Claudia Pfeil. Claudia's quilt was the winner of the Handi Quilter Excellence in Longarm Quilting award at Road to California 2013. It is an original creation that measures 79" x 93" and was completed in 2012.

She says of her work, "To capture the beauty of the sea I have combined silk and gauze fabrics. The shells and star fishes are made from silks with hand painted designs and are machine appliquéd. The sea turtles are made from hand-dyed and printed fabric, and are hand appliquéd. The net and the gauze gives a mystical effect, a translucent look. The quilt’s border – freehand and freestyle appliquéd - the symmetrical design reminds you of the turtle’s shell."

See more of Claudia's quilts in How to Machine Quilt on Silk with Claudia Pfeil | Cosplay with Gayle Schliemann.

Go To Puzzle
See The Quilt

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