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The Quilt Show Newsletter - February 18, 2024

A Quilt With "Over 500,000 Quilting Stitches", Betty Ford-Smith Will Build You Up in Our New Show, Running Stitch Podcast: The Rotary Cutter with Kristin Barrus, Shelly's Vision for Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill's Show, Texas Tech: Friendship in Pink and Red, In The Store - Apple Blossom Fat Quarter Bundle by Wishwell, A World Traveling Puzzle

Sunday Smiles - February 18, 2024

Featured Quilt - "Over 500,000 Quilting Stitches"

Carnivalle by Dena Angela Miskel was featured as part of the Machine Quilting category (Sponsored by BERNINA) at the 2023 Houston International Quilt Festival. When we say that Dena's quilt is machine quilted we do not make that statement lightly, for her quilt probably features more quilting than some put into three quilts. She says, "In the spirit of the true meaning of Carnival, Carnivalle was created using a range of 22 colorful Kona solid fabrics. These served as a blank canvas for creating beautiful designs while allowing me to practice free-motion quilting. With a different design in each of the 33 rows and over 500,000 quilting stitches, I was able to achieve the final festive design. The hours of planning, piecing, and quilting it took to complete this gem was worth it."

See The Quilt

Betty Ford-Smith Will Build You Up in Our New Show

Learn The Art of Making Pinecone Quilts

Educator and quilter Betty Ford-Smith is helping to pass on the rich tradition of Pinecone quilts by sharing the beauty of these hand-stitched fabric-folded quilts with others. Betty teaches you the history of and how to build the basic round design, make changes with fabric and color choices, and how to take the quilt from round to square. Plus, Alex shares a fun way to add embellishment to your handwork with Kurumi buttons.

Watch Betty and Alex in Learn Color Combinations and How to Make Pinecone Quilts with Betty Ford-Smith, which debuts today!

Watch The Show
Watch The Trailer

Running Stitch Podcast: The Rotary Cutter with Kristin Barrus

When "Running" With Rotary Cutters Is Okay

The Running Stitch Podcast is back and on the move again. Now in Season 4, we wanted to highlight the most recent episode because it got a ringing endorsement from two-time TQS guest Victoria Findlay Wolfe (who herself was the very first guest in Season One of the podcast). She says of the episode, all about the rotary cutter, "I enjoyed this “Running Stitch” podcast episode on the history of rotary cutters… have a listen! It’s good info to know and understand, I’m pretty happy to not be hand drafting and cutting templates from Cheerio boxes anymore…" Click through to learn more about the episode, and the podcast as a whole.

Learn More

Ricky Tims Talks To Producer Shelly Heesacker About Her Vision for Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill's Show

How Did Shelly Piece Together Sheri's Show?

Shelly Heesacker, the producer of The Quilt Show, tells Ricky Tims about her vision for Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill's visit. Sheri's quilts are graphic and bold, and she teaches us foundation paper piecing "beyond the basics" along with intuitive quilt top design with a walking foot.

Learn from Sheri by watching her in Paper Piecing, Walking Foot Quilt Top Design - Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill | Free-Motion Quilting Without Marking - Ricky Tims.

Watch The Video
Watch Sheri's Show

Texas Tech: Friendship in Pink and Red

The featured quilt in today's article from the Museum of Texas Tech University was made by The South Plains Quilt Guild in 2012 for long-time member Jackie Reis. It is titled “Sisters Memory Quilt for Jackie Reis from S. P. Q. G., Lubbock, TX 2012.”  Each block lists the handwritten name of the maker in Pigma pen.

Learn more about the quilt and Jackie's importance in the Texas quilting community by clicking though and reading the article.

(Above Quilt: Inscribed Album Quilt made by the South Plains Quilt Guild for Jackie Reis, 2012, Gift of Susan Burciaga, TTU-H2017-040-002.)

Learn More

In The Store - Apple Blossom Fat Quarter Bundle by Wishwell for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Fat Quarter Bundle

10" Squares Pack

Make An Orchard's Worth of Quilts With Appetizing Apple Fabric

Welcome spring into your quilting projects with Robert Kaufman's Apple Blossom precuts, featuring charming vintage-style prints of apples and apple trees in a fresh palette of pink, red, green, and blue. Choose between a fat quarter bundle or ten-inch square pack and let the blooming beauty of Apple Blossom inspire your next project.

See The Fat Quarter Bundle
See The 10" Squares Pack

The Quilt Show Puzzles: A World Traveling BOM

"Around the World" by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Around the World was the very first block of the month that Sheri offered to the quilting community. It was designed during the first Summer of the pandemic in 2020. Sheri wanted to design a quilt that celebrated travel at a time when many people could not, and featured places that she had been to and also places she wanted to go to when it was safe to travel again. The quilt also celebrates Sheri's love of architecture.

See more of Sheri's quilts in Paper Piecing, Walking Foot Quilt Top Design - Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill | Free-Motion Quilting Without Marking - Ricky Tims.

Go To Puzzle
See The Quilt

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