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The Quilt Show Newsletter - February 16, 2022

Third Place - Appliqué at Road to CA 22, Talking Vintage Quilts with Lisa Erlandson, A Guide to Using Monofilament Thread, Outhouse Quilt Pattern & Project, There's Still Some Red Fabric Left, A Puzzle That Keeps Time

Welcome to Wednesday - February 16, 2022
Featured Quilt - 3rd Place Appliqué at Road to California 2022

Even though Valentine's Day is over it doesn't mean we can't still deliver you a spectacular red and white quilt, with some pink thrown in for good measure. Serenity by Molly Hamilton-McNally won Third Place in the Appliqué category at Road to California 2022. Molly's quilt was also featured at Houston 2021 and just stood out for Justin and made him say, "Wow!"
Talking Vintage Quilts with Lisa Erlandson
Valuable "Vintage" Knowledge from an In-The-Know Collector

Lilo Bowman talks with quilt collector, historian, and recent guest of The Quilt Show, Lisa Erlandson about collecting vintage quilts. Find out what Lisa has to say about the type of quilts to collect and how to set your budget.

Learn about vintage quilts from Lisa in Learn How To Piece Curves and Create Transparency with Kerri Green | Scale in Antique Quilts with Lisa Erlandson.
WeAllSew Tutorial: A Guide To Using Monofilament Thread
An Intro To "Invisible" Thread

When you want your work to be seen, but not actually see the work being done, you would use a monofilament thread. The trouble is, working with this "invisible" thread can be more of a challenge than you think. That's where Susan Beck at WeAllSew comes in with her handy guide to using this tricky thread.
In The Store - Outhouse Quilt Pattern & Project
Looking for a Fun Way to Use Up Those Charm Packs?

Make Carolyn Friedlander's "Outhouse" mini quilt! Super cute and full of flavor, this project is inspired by a quirky, little outhouse. All you need to make it is a pack of 5″ squares for your houses plus background and border fabric!

PLUS, check out Dee Christopher's FREE Outhouse Mini Quilt Class where she walks you through how to make the paper pieced blocks and offers tips on assembling and finishing your wall quilt.
Did You Miss Our Red Fabric Sale on Valentine's Day?
We Still Have Some Left!

We overbought on this lovely luscious red fabric, Moda Thatched in Scarlet, and now is your chance to stock up at a great price. Its MSRP is regularly $11.70, and now just $6.99!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: What Time Is It?
"1797 Sundial" by Carolyn Konig

Carolyn recreated this beautiful medallion quilt after seeing it displayed at the Quilts 1700-2010 Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, 2010. The 1797 Sundial uses a combination of techniques including appliqué, embroidery, hand piecing, patchwork, and fussy cutting. You'll want to take a closer look at the clam shells, birds, flowers, butterflies, hearts, cross, maps, scissors, sundial, and so much more.

See more of Carolyn's quilts in
How to Hand Piece and Use Reproduction Fabrics with Carolyn Konig | Pressing Techniques with Alex Anderson.
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