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The Quilt Show Newsletter December 31, 2021

Adorable Quilted Animals, On The Set with the 2022 BOM, Ricky and Friends Play A Tune, Making of the DeMuse New Year Doll, LapApps Are Back, A New Year's Puzzle 

Weekend Fun - December 31, 2021
Featured Quilt - Caution! Penguins at Play

What's more adorable than one cute animal? How about a lot of them! Sue Sherman's wonderful quilt, Penguin Playground, features an abundance of penguins at play, enjoying the snow and frolicking about as only they know how.

Sue says, "This is a compilation of many pictures taken by the artist in Antarctica. The scene is typical where gentoo and chinstrap penguins are taking a rest from diving for fish and krill."
On The Set with Barbara Black and The 2022 BOM
Get A Peek of the 2022 BOM Show A Day Early

Tomorrow begins a new year, and a new season of The Quilt Show. And what does a new season of The Quilt Show mean? A brand new Block Of the Month! Join Alex, Ricky, and Barbrara Black as the reveal the 2022 BOM, Garden Party Down Under, designed by Irene Blanck.

And don't forget, today is your LAST CHANCE to Download the 2021 BOM Patterns for Color My World before they disappear!

Watch Barbara in Block of the Month Quilt 2022 Garden Party Down Under by Irene Blanck with Barbara Black, when it debuts tomorrow, January 1, 2022!

Ricky and Company Sing "Hallelujah"
Ricky And His Crew Sing A New Tune

What to do when the family arrives for the holidays with musical instruments? Produce something and make a video. Celebrating love. Wishing everyone peace and joy - Hallelujah!
The Making of the DeMuse New Year Doll
Couture for the New Year

Last week we showed you two amazing Christmas dolls created by Nigel Chia. Here he is handcrafting a DeMuse New Year's Doll...with very little, tiny beads, and itty bitty lace ribbon.
In the Store - LapApps Are Back!
Work Easily and Comfortably

We only have a few, so if you want one, don't wait! This small adjustable lap table provides a resting spot for your hands while you stitch appliqué and handwork.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Celebrating A New Year Together
"Happy New Year" by TQS Member Dasha Korolova

In honor of the New Year tomorrow, what better way to celebrate than with a quilt! Enjoy TQS Member Dasha Korolova's quilt, Happy New Year. Dasha says, "Bright, colorful made in the form of balls on the Christmas tree. Balls have volume and all want to touch them. Each ball has its own original design. The entire quilt is embroidered with French knots resembling snow. I congratulate everyone on the New Year - let everything be fine!"
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