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The Quilt Show Newsletter - December 3, 2023

Second Place Pictorial-Small at Houston 2023, Amy Pabst Packs a Big Punch with Her Miniature Quilts, Ricky Tims' 2024 52-Week Photo Challenge Class - Part 1, Texas Tech: Red and Green Mid 19th Century Texas Quilt, New Tool Alert - Stitch N Glide by Quilters Select, A Puzzle for the Parents

Sunday Smiles - December 3, 2023

Featured Quilt - Second Place Pictorial-Small at Houston 2023

Another TQS guest has won an award at a big quilt show. However, this quilter is no stranger to winning awards and you've probably seen her work too. Kestrel Michaud, who was just a guest on the show this past summer, took home Second Place in the Pictorial-Small category (Sponsored by AllBrands.com) at the 2023 Houston International Quilt Festival for her quilt The Last Call.

A small description from Kestrel on her work, "This quilt was my attempt to illustrate fate. Lightning flashes behind Jacques, the steampunk-enhanced raven. The raven, the seedy setting, the creepy low light, and the dramatic three-point perspective convey a feeling that bad things are coming. Despite the unsettling vibe, Jacques himself is a beloved pet. There is a peculiar juxtaposition between a treasured raven and the sense of impending doom he is foreshadowing."

You might have already seen this quilt before, as we featured it as a puzzle back when we were promoting Kestrel's show. If you haven't already taken a crack at it, or would just like to do it again, enjoy the challenge of completing "The Last Call" puzzle.

And if you love Kestrel's work, make sure to watch and learn from her right here at The Quilt Show by watching  A Mod Podge Appliqué Technique and Fabric Selection with Kestrel Michaud | Embroidery Hoop Quilting with Sarah Vedeler.

See The Quilt
Watch Kestrel's Show
Do "The Last Call" Puzzle

Amy Pabst Packs a Big Punch with Her Miniature Quilts

Good Things Come In Micro-Sized Packages

When Amy Pabst picked up a quilt book at the library the trajectory of her world changed in an instant. Soon she was making dozens of quilts until she discovered the secret to scaling down and constructing the Log Cabin block. Known for creating quilts featuring miniature and micro-pieced log cabins that have amazed viewers around the globe, Amy shares how to work with unusual fabric and foundation piecing in miniature. Plus, Alex shows how to combine circles, silk Dupioni, and simple embroidery stitches to create an elegant family heirloom.

Watch Amy and Alex in Foundation Piecing Miniature Log Cabins with Amy Pabst | How to Do Embroidery on Silk with Alex Anderson, which debuts today!

Watch The Show
Watch The Trailer

Ricky Tims' 2024 52-Week Photo Challenge Class - Part 1

Learn To Take Great Photos

Ricky Tims is celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of his 52-Week Photo Challenge class. The early bird price for Part 1 (26 weeks) is 72% off regular price. Don't pay $599. Registration is now only $169 through December 10, 2023. This is a great opportunity for you, a spouse, or a friend.

Learn More | Get Registered

Texas Tech: Red and Green Mid 19th Century Texas Quilt

An Early Holiday Decoration?

As we head into the holiday season, red and green quilts are being completed and older favorites make their appearance for decoration and bed covers. This example of the Sun Ray’s block was likely made between 1864 and 1873 by Emily Jane Sidwell Jetton (1844-1873). Learn more about this quilt and its history by clicking below.

Learn More

New Tool Alert! - Stitch N Glide by Quilters Select

Slip Slide Your Project for Easier Quilting and Thread Painting

The Stitch N Glide creates a slick sewing surface on your machine bed that is ideal for free motion quilting and thread painting. And when you are done stitching, you can just peel it off, stick the backing back on, and pop it back in its convenient storage tube until the next time you need it.

See The Stitch N Glide

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Proud Parents

"Moonlight Watch" by Valerie C. White

Moonlight Watch features two proud bird parents overlooking their family of eggs, protecting them and eagerly awaiting them to hatch. The quilt hung at the National Quilt Museum, but while it was there Valerie felt that it was never as finished as it could be. The background is monoprinted and the nest of eggs was Valerie's favorite part to make. The bodies of the birds themselves were created using Evolon.

Learn more about Valerie's quilts in Using Evolon for Die Cutting and Monoprinting with Valerie C. White | Fabric Braids with Kate Colleran.

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See The Quilt

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