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The Quilt Show Newsletter December 29, 2021

A Quilt "that makes people feel good", Fast and Fun Marking with Ricky, The Costumes of "Dune", Reversible Quilted Jacket, Shop Our Post-Holiday Sale, A Personal Puzzle 

Welcome to Wednesday - December 29, 2021
Featured Quilt - Colors Dance Across The Quilted Canvas

One of the joys of quilting is the different mediums that quilters get to work in to express their vision. They can use anything and everything, from paint, to beads, to sticks and leaves, to enhance the look of their work.

Vitamin Field by Miyuki Humphries, featured at Houston 2021, uses different painting materials so that when you look at it, you aren't sure if it is a painting or a quilt until getting up close and really taking a look. She says, "I made vitamin colors such as orange, yellow, and yellow-green with acrylic paint, colored the fabric, and made a quilt that makes people who see the quilt feel good."
Fast, Fun Marking With Ricky
Tips Fly Fast and Furious From Ricky's Finger Tips

In our latest show, Ricky shares a fast and fun exercise for marking out a quilting design on a curved grid. Once you see it, you'll be eager to mark your own quilt and get that project you've been working on ready for the new year ahead!

Learn from Ricky, and Susie Monday, in Learn the Sensory Alphabet and How to Use Your iPad for Fabric Design with Susie Monday | Quick Marking for Quilting.
The Costumes of "Dune"
Fashion of the Future

What to wear when you go outside is a challenge we face each and every day. But what do you wear when outside is nothing but desert or freezing rain. These were the obstacles that costume designers Jacqueline West and Robert Morgan faced when designing the costumes for Dune. Learn how they rose to the occasion and made futuristic costumes that are not only
fashionable, but practical as well.
WeAllSew Tutorial: Tips and Tricks For Sewing A Reversible Quilted Jacket
Turn Your Jacket Inside Out

Quilted jackets are everywhere nowadays, so to get more bang for your buck, why not make a reversible jacket? Sarah Joiner at WeAllSew has tips and tricks for sewing a reversible quilted jacket including ideas about pattern selection, finishing, and enclosures. It's definitely a fashionable "twofer".
Shop Our Post-Holiday Sale!
Enjoy Seasonal Savings

Our Winter holiday products have been marked to 25% off. Find holiday themed kits, fabrics, and everything in between so that you'll be stocked up and ready for next season. Get them while they last, because they will go fast!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: A Quilt From Your Own Fabrics
"Vintage Berry Blossoms" by Kim Diehl

Vintage Berry Blossoms is the very first quilt that Kim made entirely out of fabrics that she had designed over the years. The quilt is 60 1/2" x 60 1/2", and is one that she has taught as a class before.

See more of Kim's quilts in
How to Machine Applique and Do Big Stitch with Kim Diehl | Learn Color Theory with Christine Barnes.
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