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The Quilt Show Newsletter December 26, 2021

A Gorgeous Quilt Amidst The Chaos, Handmade Wonder and Beautiful Song, Susie Monday's Show is Still FREE, Patricia Belyea's Indigo Dream, How To Sew A Hand Muff, A Sun Drenched Puzzle 

Sunday Smiles - December 26, 2021
Featured Quilt - From Chaos Comes A Gorgeous Quilt

Pandemonium by Susan Minchow, and quilted by Kris Vierra (Show 2905), won First Place, Mixed Large, at Road to California 2020 and was recently featured at the 2021 Houston International Quilt Festival.

Susan says, "I have always loved Kim McLean's patterns and appliqué is my favorite technique! Kris Vierra finished this quilt with her amazing quilting."
Handmade Wonder and a Beautiful Song
"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year"

It's the day after Christmas, New Year is on the way, and we wanted to share this amazing video from Ingrid Michaelson and Zooey Deschanel. Every little detail is a textile wonder and if you love wool felting, this is the video for you.
FREE Show with Susie Monday Continues Through Today
Alex and Ricky Learn About the Sensory Alphabet and You Can Too

In this show, Susie explains that we humans all perceive the world differently through line, shape, texture, etc.. Those perceptions are the nine elements of the Sensory Alphabet. She asks Alex and Ricky to each draw a line on a piece of paper to compare the difference in the way each perceives a line. She then shares examples of fabric featuring the line that was photographed and manipulated and printed on an Inkjet printer.

Enjoy this show for FREE through Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Susie also has a handout explaining more about the Sensory Alphabet to share with you.

Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts Had a Dream to Grow Indigo
Fresh-Leaf Indigo Dyeing

Patricia writes, "I had a dream—to include a little packet of Okan Arts Indigo Seeds in every Japanese fabric order going out from our shop at the beginning of the new year."

Find out from Patricia if her dream came true.
WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Sew a Hand Muff
Fashion Accessory or Necessary Requirement?

With the temperatures dropping around the country, it just might be the time to sew a hand muff. Anything that can keep you warm and happy during this time of possible -50 degree weather, is always a bonus.

So grab your fake fur and follow along as Emily Hall shows you how.

The Quilt Show Puzzle: Brighter Than The Sun
"On the Day You Were Born: The Sun Flared" by Susie Monday

Susie says of On the Day You Were Born: The Sun Flared, "This piece, painted on my iPad with a simple child's app that uses simple shapes as "brushes," begged for size. Making an all-over pattern intensity of color and energy was the aim, but a bit later, while I was adding hand stitching and appliqué elements, a friend read aloud the children's book On the Day You Were Born by Debra Fraser. The gift of hearing it: a title and a series that interprets the books and its beautiful message of energy, unity, community and welcome."

See more of Susie's quilts in
Learn the Sensory Alphabet and How to Use Your iPad for Fabric Design with Susie Monday | Quick Marking for Quilting.
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Let's All Get Organized in 2022

Give yourself the present of quilting for the next year. Your 1-year membership thru Jan 1 gets you access to download 3 BOMs & 2 eBooks.

We appreciate your support and look forward to helping to make 2022 your most creative year ever.

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