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The Quilt Show Newsletter - August 3, 2022

Transform Your Quilting with Patty Murphy, Ricky's Antique Inspired Quilt, Teresa Duryea Wong's Japanese Quilting Lesson, Hand Quilting Class Begins, Barbara Black's Month 8 BOM Tips, Do Wool Applique with Dee Christopher, A Very "Red" Puzzle

Welcome to Wednesday - August 3, 2022
Time for Tip and Technique Two!

Today in Transform Your Quilting, we have cutting secrets from two top instructors, Patty Murphy and Sharon Pederson.

First up it's Patty Murphy talking to Ricky about What is Fabric Grain and demonstrating How to Cut Strips Accurately (technique) Show 2305 - Click on Chapter 2 and then Sharon Pederson shows you How to Quickly Cut 4-Patch Block Units from Sewn Strips (tip).

What is reverse cutting and how many rulers do you need to accurately cut a strip?
The secret to great quilts isn’t to learn a thousand things, but to learn a few things and take action. What do you have to do to Transform Your Quilting? Make sure you are a Star Member. Then, open your newsletters and follow the links for our Transform Your Quilting program. Theses tips and techniques will be less than 15 minutes of your time. It’s fast learning and lots of fun. Not a Star Member?
Featured Quilt - Ricky's Antique Inspired Quilt

Inspiration is a fickle thing and can come at anytime and anywhere. That's true for even the top quilters, like our own Ricky Tims. His quilt, Northern Lights, was inspired by an antique Amish quilt.

As he puts it, "Over the years I have often been smitten by antique quilts featured in books or magazines. Looking through a book, The Darwin D. Bearly Collection: Antique Ohio Amish Quilt (©2006 Darwin D. Bearly and BERNINA), I saw a photo of a quilt that was calling my name. It was based on a Nine Patch, with the blocks set on point in a traditional Streak of the Lightning set. My multi-color fabric was perfect for my vision and I used those in such a way that allowed the color to change and flow down each vertical column."
Get A Japanese Quilting History Lesson from Teresa Duryea Wong
Learning From The Past

Teresa Duryea Wong discusses the fascinating history and diversity of Japanese cottons using a variety of examples, including a specific dye process, weave, and why fabric is produced to a specific width. She also shares helpful tips for knowing what to look for when shopping for Japanese fabric.

Learn from Teresa by watching Improv String Quilts and a History of Japanese Textiles with Teresa Duryea Wong | Using Appliqué to Mask a Mistake.

Alex LIVE: Hand Quilting - Lesson 01
What Fabrics?

Hand quilting is an art unto itself. It has a look and feel that brings the personal touch of the artist into the design. Alex started as a hand quilter and still loves the process. So what are the fabric considerations when hand quilting?

Alex is LIVE TODAY Wednesday, August 3, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
Barbara Black's Tips for "Garden Party Down Under" Month 8
One Vase, Two Vase, Shoofly, You Decide

Like any quilt made from a pattern, it's ultimately up to you to decide how you want to interpret it. That's true for this year's Block Of the Month, Garden Party Down Under, and Barbara Black has got little tips to help show you how to make this month's blocks your own. She says, "This month there is a striking appliqué vase. The vase can be cut from a single piece of fabric, or cut the handle from a different fabric to add interest. Your quilt, you get to decide."
Learn To Do Wool Appliqué with Dee Christopher!
Wooly Fun Awaits

Join Dee for a FREE, fun, and relaxing two-week class to learn the ins and outs of wool appliqué using the beautiful New Growth Table Mat Kit from WoolyLady. Watch the first week now, stayed tuned for week 2, and get everything you need for class right here in The Quilt Show's store.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: When Seeing Red Is A Good Thing
"Red Velvet" by Lisa Calle

Red Velvet by Lisa Calle won 1st Place in Wall Quilts - Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted at AQS QuiltWeek® - Lancaster, Pennsylvania 2014. The quilting, from concept to completion, took about 150 hours.

See more of Lisa's quilts in Longarm Quilting Designs with Lisa Calle | How to do Bojagi with Youngmin Lee.
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