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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 22, 2022

Glamorous Geometric Gyrations, BTS of Handwork Masterclass Part 2, Understanding Your Serger, Quilters For Ukraine is Tomorrow, Sleepy Time Fat Quarter Bundles, A Puzzle With a "Tail" to Tell
Weekend Fun - April 22, 2022
Featured Quilt - Glamorous Geometric Gyrations

Cum et Iris by Sandra Ruano Navarro was featured at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2017 and features so many swirling designs you won't know where to look first. Sandra says, "The design is original and uses a combination of geometric forms and optical effects to simulate the swirling motion of a twister. The quilt represents the sight of a twister, with the rainbow color flashes, as seen through a window."
Behind The Scenes of Handwork Masterclass Part 2
It's Almost Time for Handwork Round Two

Return to sets past of The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky as they meet up with our next group of Handwork Masters from our second Handwork Masterclass, which is all about all varieties of stitches, featuring Rosie de Leon McCrady, Anna Bates, Sandra Leichner, Amy McClellan, and Meg Hawkey.

Watch the Handwork Masters at work again in How to Do Handwork | Handwork Masterclass Part 2 - All About Stitches from Basic to Fancy, when it debuts this Sunday, April 24, 2022.

WeAllSew Tutorial: Serging 101 - Understanding Your Serger
Do You Know How to Use Your Serger?

We get it, the Serger can be a little bit scary if you've never used one before. But fear not, because Silvia Sutters over at WeAllSew has the inside track to the basic knowledge you need to turn your serger from enemy to ally in no time flat. Plus, we couldn't get through Serger Month without at least addressing the basics at some point (get it?).
Quilters For Ukraine Is Tomorrow!
Enjoy Quilt Demos To Support United Help Ukraine

The big day is tomorrow! Join Joe Cunningham, Alex Anderson, Sheila Frampton Cooper, Katie Pasquini Masopust, and more as they present a lightning round of quilt demos to support United Help Ukraine. It will be a fun day like no other, with lots of great tricks, tips, and techniques. You don't want to miss this. Most of these 10-15 minute segments will be recorded and available if you can't make the class.

It all starts TOMORROW, Saturday, April 23, 2022, and runs from 9 AM to 12 PM PST.
In The Store - Sleepy Time Fat Quarter Bundle
New Fat Quarter Bundle by Helen Dardik for Clothworks

Featuring charming mid-century style animals that are sure to bring sweet dreams at Sleepy Time.

The Quilt Show Puzzle: There's A "Tail" To Tell Here
"Folk-Tails" by Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo celebrated childhood memories of Africa using her signature hand embroidery with her quilt, Folk-Tails. It must have been a wonderful childhood as the quilt is filled with interesting animals and beautiful flowers, embellished and embroidered in Sue's enchanting way.

Learn from Sue, and the other Handwork Masters, in How to Do Handwork | Handwork Masterclass Part 1 - From Piecing to Quilting.
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