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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 13, 2022

See A "Watercolor Eclipse", Everyone Loves Our Handwork Masterclass, Meet Betz White, Three Ways to Remove Overlocker Stitches, New Bundles in the Store, A Harmonious Puzzle

Welcome to Wednesday - April 13, 2022
Featured Quilt - Overlapping Colors Blend Beautifully

Watercolor Eclipse by Audrey Esarey was featured in the Use of Negative Space category at Quiltcon 2022. Audrey says, "I have long been fascinated by the transparency and colors created by thin layers of watercolor paint applied to paper using the veil painting technique. To translate this technique to fabric, I challenged myself to take a collection of fabrics in various shades of turquoise, yellow, green, and orange and arrange them to emphasize the overlapping circles within the design, while also moving generally from light to dark across the quilt."
Our New Handwork Masterclass Has So Much to Love!
The Latest Masterclass Is A Hit! (But What Did You Expect)

As with each previous Masterclass that we've released, our members just can't get enough of them. Hear what they have to say about the Handwork Masterclass which just debuted:

"Love, love, love this show! I always learn so much on the Quilt Show but I really love the masterclasses. Thank you so much!!" - Terrie Gibson

"Wonderful show! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!" - Judith Austin

Learn from Jinny Beyer,
Cheryl See, Sue Spargo, Brian Haggard and Sarah Fielke in How to Do Handwork | Handwork Masterclass Part 1 - From Piecing to Quilting.
Alex LIVE: Betz White Interview
Alex Loves Betz White

Learn about wool, felt, stitches, and more. Alex meets Betz White and finds out about her work, including Christmas ornaments, classes, and stitching tutorials.  She also shows Alex her creations and class projects. It's a fun and inspiring interview with Betz White.

Alex is LIVE TODAY Wednesday, April 13, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
WeAllSew Tutorial: Three Ways To Remove Overlocker Stitches
The Wealth of Serger Knowledge Goes On

As Serger Month continues, Silvia Sutters at WeAllSew is here to show you three ways to remove Overlocker (Serger) Stitches. Learn what she does to help you get out of a jam and to let you continue sewing with ease.
2 New Fat Quarter Bundles from Clothworks in the Store!
Imagine and Daydreams from Clothworks

Imagine is a charming collection full of sweet woodland creatures that includes 2 panels and is perfect to make a quick baby quilt

Daydreams features lush and dreamy landscapes, foliage and softly hued blenders and would make a beautiful quilt to snuggle under on a cool summer evening.
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Two Beings Creating Harmony
"Harmony Within" by Sue McCarty

Sue McCarty won the Janome of America Best of Show at AQS Paducah 2012 for Harmony Within. As you may recall, Sue's quilt also won Best of Show at Houston International Quilt Festival in 2011. Sue made this quilt for her husband on a longarm and "all the motifs are symbolic of the harmony two different sentient beings can find within marriage."

See more of Sue's quilts in
How to Start a Longarm Business and How to Create Quilting Designs with Sue McCarty.
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