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The Quilt Show Newsletter - April 1, 2022

A Buzzy Quilt, Let Alex or Ricky Quilt Your Quilt, Barbara Black LIVE - BOM Month 4, How To Sew Easter Ornaments, Accu Grip Quilting Gloves, Puzzle

Weekend Fun - April 1, 2022
Featured Quilt - "Buzzed Birds" by Latifah Saafir

Why the Name Buzzed Birds? The prompt for Latifah's (Show 2502) quilt was to create a modern quilt based off of a traditional block using Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids. She choose to use the block called Birds in the Air. The name comes from a story that birds were getting drunk from fermented get the rest.
Let Alex or Ricky Finish Your UFO!
Enter Here for Your Chance to Have a Pro Finish Your UFO

UFO quilts can keep you from making something new. They can hold back your creativity. What is the fastest way to get that UFO done and out of the way? Let someone else do it for you. How about Alex Anderson or Ricky Tims?

The Quilt Show LIVE: Barbara Black BOM Month 4
Appliquéing the Jug

Barbara Black is back to help you through the tricky part of appliquéing the JUG (there is an inside part that goes on FIRST) for Month 4 of Garden Party Down Under and she also gives you a brief review of the pieced block and the Dresden plate. Barbara also has tips on where to find important BOM related stuff on the web site!

Barbara is LIVE TODAY, April 1, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
Download the "Garden Party Down Under" Month 4 Patterns

In Month 4 of Garden Party Down Under you'll be creating a Jug and Flower appliqué block, along with Dresden Plate and Four Patch on Point blocks.

Barbara Black also has a Month 4 instructional video available for you to watch in which she gives you tips for the order of the appliqué for the Jug and Flower appliqué block.

WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Sew Easter Ornaments
Sew These Simple Easter Ornaments

If you're not in the mood to make an Easter Basket or an Easter Bunny Mini Quilt for Easter, how about some Easter Ornaments? Erika Mulvenna at WeAllSew has some instructions in how to make these fun and out of the box decorations that will surely bring a smile to your face!
New From Quilters Select! Accu Grip Quilting Gloves
Feel Free To Design In These Fingerless Gloves

These one size fits all fingerless gloves have a non-slip silicone palm that is designed to improve the accuracy of your free motion quilting by giving you better grip and more control over your fabric. Plus, the fingerless design allows delicate threading and tool use without taking the glove off!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Crotons by Ellen Lindner
"Crotons" by Ellen Lindner

Ellen Lindner asked a simple question when making this quilt, "Who Can Resist the Bright Colors of Croton Leaves?" Well, obviously Ellen couldn't, so she created Crotons, a stunning quilt based on a photograph of the colorful plant.

See more of Ellen's quilts and learn from her in Learn the Principles of Quilt Design, Create a Quilt Inspired by a Photo and a Glued Fabric Collage with Ellen Lindner.

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