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"Can to Caint" a quilt by Sandra Johnson

Can to Caint is a Sashiko quilt by Sandra Johnson inspired by the sunrise and sunset, indicating another day will come.


Created in homage to a phrase spoken by African American slaves, "A Sunday's A Comin'", Sandra's Can to Caint (41" x 64"), is a Sashiko quilt inspired by the sunrise and sunset. Wanting to incorporate sashiko in a quilt, but have it tell a story, the quilting helps to emphasize the meaning of the phrase, indicating that another day will come.


You can learn from Sandra in How to Work with Denim and Quilt Wearables with Sandra Johnson.



cantocaintbysandrajohnson label


cantocaintbysandrajohnson detail 1


cantocaintbysandrajohnson detail 2


Original Photos: Mary Kay Davis


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