Announcing SAQA’s Individual Grant Program

SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is pleased to announce a program designed for members, or potential members, who are experiencing financial hardship. They hope these grants will provide applicants the opportunity to grow creatively and professionally through participation in SAQA.


From SAQA:


SAQA's individual grant program is designed to allow members who are experiencing financial hardship to grow creatively and professionally through participation in SAQA programs and conferences. There are no specific expectations or requirements that recipients contribute to SAQA and applicants are encouraged to apply annually.


Some factors that may contribute to financial hardship could include (but are not limited to) significant debt, medical expenses not covered by insurance, eligibility for public assistance, responsibility for financial support of dependents, prohibitive exchange rates, or discrimination/disability in employment.


Grants will be awarded quarterly to as many qualified applicants as possible with the budgeted funds. Criteria used for selection include:


 - Experiencing financial hardship


 - Interested in creative and professional growth through SAQA's programs and opportunities


 - Completion of the application


Grants can cover one year of membership or one conference registration. 


Click Here, or the photo below, to apply and learn more.




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