A Quilt in the Red Cross Museum

"A quilt stitched with coded messages by allied female prisoners of war and a lamp believed to have been used by Florence Nightingale are among the “objects of kindness” that are to go on display for the first time this week in the British Red Cross Museum in London." - theguardian.com (Photo: British Red Cross Museum & Archives)


From The Guardian:


"Locked away in the archives of the Red Cross for decades, the rare artefacts bear witness to the kindness and resilience of women in wartime and have never been seen by the public. Now they will be exhibited by the Red Cross when the charity opens a museum at its headquarters in London on Wednesday.


Mehzebin Adam, curator of the “Museum of Kindness” said: “Women played a really significant role in our history. Not just as nurses, but as leaders who influenced the beginning of the Red Cross, like Florence Nightingale, and as artists who were documenting war and their experiences.”


The quilt on display is one of three handmade in Changi prison by women and children from Britain and its allies, who were imprisoned when the Japanese army invaded Singapore during the second world war."


Click Here, or the image of the quilt below, to learn more.


Image Below: "Detail from the quilt made by women in Changi prison and given to the Red Cross during the second world war, which contained coded messages for their loved ones in the male section of the camp." Photograph: British Red Cross Museum & Archives




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