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How to Do Portrait Quilts with Leni Levenson Wiener | Ergonomic Exercises with Jake Simmons

(Show 2204) Leni Levenson Wiener has been photographing un-suspecting people on park benches for many years, often using her husband as a decoy. A people watcher by nature, she enjoys creating a little story and found that the background and bench itself were not actually necessary when trying to convey a message. Leni shares how to she builds these unique mounted floating art works.  Building the human face using a wide variety of fabric can be quite difficult. Leni shares tips for using unexpected fabrics when it comes to skin tones. When she pushes the options to more unusual fabrics, the face shifts from portrait to art piece.  When it comes to quilting, we don't often do our bodies justice. Hours of being hunched over a sewing machine can take its toll. Jake Simmons, a practicing Chiropractor, shares tips for preventing pain while quilting.

Visit: Jake Simmons, a chiropractor, explains what quilters need to consider for their work environment and other tips and stretches to reduce the "stress" of quilting.

Photo Inspired Quilts, Collage, Value, Hanging Your Quilt, Ergonomics for Quilting, Art Quilts, Portrait Quilts, Photo Imagery Quilts
Series 2200

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