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How to Use Embroidery and Wool in Your Quilt | How to Do Big Stitch Quilting with Sarah Fielke

(Show 2004) When it comes to creating warm and whimsical design, this quilter from Utah, Amy McClellan, has it all stitched up. By combining cotton, wool, and timeless woodland themed embroidery designs, Amy's quilts have a charm that is simply irresistible to quilters around the world. Along with clever tricks for prepping your work, she shares a technique using cereal boxes that will have you raiding your kitchen cupboards.Then Australian quilter, fabric designer and author of 6 quilting books, Sarah Fielke, shares how effective a hand-quilted big stitch can be on your project.  She takes her inspiration from antique quilts to create modern quilts.

Studio Visit: Visit Sarah Fielke in Sydney, Australia. Sara demonstrates big stitch quilting.

Hand Embroidery, Machine Appliqué, Templates, Hand Quilting, Wool, Folk Art Quilts
Series 2000

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