WeAllSew Tutorial: How To Make Quilted Baby Booties

Blankets, bibs, stuffed animals, there are so many gifts you can make for that person you know with a newborn in there life. But are any of those as adorable as a pair of little Quilted Baby Booties to put on their little baby feet? Aynsley Campbell at WeAllSew has a great tutorial to show you how to make some for that toddler on the go!


From Aynsley Campbell at WeAllSew:


"Random fun fact about me . . . During the time when my husband and I first decided to start a family, I received 40 baby shower invites. FORTY!!! In those 18 months, I became the master at making burp cloths and bibs. Why oh why did I never try to sew quilted baby booties?! They are fast and easy to make! Now that my last little boy is close to walking, I’m going to make him a different pair for every day."


Click Here, or the image below, to learn more.




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