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WeAllSew Tutorial: Double Pot Holder With Hand Pockets

Isn't always the case that you can only find one pot holder when you need two to take out that large dish from the oven? Well, Ashley Johnston at WellAllSew has the perfect solution for you, a Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets!


From Ashley Johnston at WeAllSew:


"Nothing’s worse than placing a delicious meal or sweet dessert in the oven, waiting for the timer to finally sound, and then realizing you need 2 hot pads to pull your large dish or pan out of the oven, but you can only find one. Or even worse… can’t even find ONE! And then you know what happens next—you scramble for a kitchen towel, awkwardly wrap it around the edges of the pan and then try to lift it out of the oven without getting burned. Boo. It’s tragic!


Here’s a solution for that…..a Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets! Just hang it over the oven bar, keeping it handy at all times!"


Click Here, or the photo below, to go to the tutorial.


weallsew double pot holder with hand pockets


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