"The Blue One" a quilt by Teresa Duryea Wong

Alex loved Teresa Duryea Wong's quilt, The Blue One, from their recent chat so much that we just had to learn more about it and share it with you.


Alex loved this quilt from her recent chat with Teresa so much that we knew it had to be a puzzle. The Blue One got into Houston 2021 and is all improv pieced. It measures 62" square and contains over 2,600 pieces cut down from larger improv pieces that Teresa had made. Every piece is about an inch to an inch-and-a-half across, with all of the fabric coming from Marcia Derse's blue lines. What is most impressive about the quilt though, is that each of the over 2,000 pieces contains a unique free-motion design that Teresa quilted.


Click Here to watch Alex's interview with Teresa Duryea Wong and to learn more about her and her quilts.


Once you're done admiring the quilt, try your hand at completing a puzzle of it by clicking here.


All Photos are by Teresa Duryea Wong


The Blue One by Teresa Duryea Wong


the blue one teresa duryea wong


The Blue One by Teresa Duryea Wong - Detail


the blue one teresa duryea wong detail


The Blue One by Teresa Duryea Wong - Displayed


the blue one teresa duryea wong dispayed


Elsie Montgomery
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What a wonderful scrappy quilt. Love the shots of red and light blue that make all the blues even richer!

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