Ricky Tims' LIVE Listening Party

Ricky presents his new album by telling something about each song. Then the music is played and a fun picture or video is shown with it. 


Join Ricky as he celebrates the release of his brand new album, Alone With My Thoughts. 


Update: May 2, 2021:


From Ricky:

I will be returning from a trip to Chicago earlier that day so barring any logistics with my air travel, we will listen to the album together live and I will share some of my inspirations and thoughts while creating the music over the past few years.
I truly hope you will join me!"


During his LIVE listening party, Ricky will give behind-the-scenes commentary and discuss the inspiration behind all of the songs on his new album.


In Alone With My Thoughts, Ricky Tims has crafted thirteen original, contemplative, meditative, and soulful pieces featuring piano and Native American flute, that were improvised "in the moment" and then layered over a wash of lush, digital soundscapes.


You can pre-order your CD (or two!) that will ship out the second week of May! The introductory price is $12.99 (regularly $16.99) - or you can get it instantly on iTunes, also for $12.99.


Click here for Instant purchase and download on iTunes.


Click here to pre-order your physical CD copy.


Watch the LIVE video below, or Click Here to watch on Facebook.



Pattie Abbott
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Hi Ricky from Catalina, AZ.
So happy to see you looking so well!
Pattie Abbott

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Greetings from WA state, sitting on my perch after being out in the sunshine.

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Hi Ricky, Can't hear you. Sound is very very low.

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