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InStyle​: How Bridgerton Costumes Were Made

This weekend the first part of the third season of Bridgerton, the period costume drama depicting the romantic lives of the eight Bridgerton siblings, debuted on Netflix. While taking place in the 1800s, the costumes that designers John GlaserGeorge Sayer, and Dougie Hawkes have created don't always adhere to the time that they are portraying. Get an in-depth look at these breathtaking costumes and how they came to life in this insightful video from InStyle.


From InStyle:


"From sketch to reality 'Bridgerton' costume designers John Glaser, George Sayer and Dougie Hawkes break down how the show's costumes were brought to life."


Watch the video below and see how the delightful designs were created.



Nancy Durch
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It's not a history lesson; it's a regency fantasy.

Sandra Stephenson
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