Natalya Khorover "Creates" Homes

Natalya Khorover makes amazing quilts based on a customer's input, for example photos of their homes, dogs, etc. You know she has to be good when Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Show 2002) and Pokey Bolton (Show 2711) ask to have one of her creations. See Victoria's home and Pokey's art barn created from repurposed items turned into beautiful quilts. 


Learn from Natalya in How to Repurpose Litter for Use in Your Quilts with Natalya Khorover | How To Upcycle Your Jeans Into a Quilt with Ricky.


Pokey Bolton's Art Barn


Pokey Bolton Natalya


Pokey Bolton Detail 1


Pokey Bolton Detail 2


Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Home


VFW Natalya Quilt


natalya khorover for victoria findlay wolfe


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