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How to Work with Antique Linens and How to Use Quilting Stencils with Cindy Needham

(Show 1606) Cindy Needham shows how to use antique linens in your quilts and Bari Ackerman demonstrates her creations of fabric collage.  Cindy's talks about her quilts, which incorporate and highlight the handwork of antique linens, and then she shares her most recent projects. Cindy Needhams stencil is a great quilting tool that is the foundation of multiple quilting designs. She then demonstrates how to use the stencils to fill whatever design space you need on your quilt. She offers tips for turning simple quilting designs into stunning works of art. Lastly, Cindy gives expert advice on selecting threads to match antique linens. Traveling to warmer climates, The Quilt Show visits with whimsical quilter Bari Ackerman, in her Scottsdale, AZ studio. Bari is a fabric designer, author and designer of home décor wall stencils. You will love seeing her fabric collage works.

Cindy Needham - Fabulous Four

Cindy Needham - Mastering Machine Tension

Studio Visit: Bari Ackerman

Vintage Textiles, Thread Painting, Thread, Quilting Tips & Tricks, Stencils, Collage Quilts, Traditional.
Series 1600

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