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How to Make Map Quilts and Mosaic Techniques with Timna Tarr | Quilt History with Mary Fons

(Show 2501) Timna Tarr has a love of maps and started making map quilts of her favorite places, her city, neighborhood and local streets. She comes from a family of quilters but did not start quilting until after college. Her first quilt was for a geometry class for her husband and when she finished it she  was hooked on quilting.  Recently, Timna he took a new direction with mosaics based on the gridded artworks of Chuck Close. Timna shares her map quilts and Barnyard Mosaic quilts.

Mary Fons joins Ricky and Alex to discuss the history of quilts in America. Mary is the daughter of Marianne Fons (yes, from Fons and Porter) and grew up quilting. She shares her quilting experience and reviews the history of quilting in America identifying major turning points that have influenced quilting. Mary shares a family quilt made by her mother, a reversible antique quilt and a copy of the "Bible Quilt". This quilt and five others launched the Smithsonian Quilt Controversy.

Timna then shares her collection of Presidential Memorabilia - watch what she does with George Washington fabric.

Gift Idea: Map quilt as a wedding gift

Mosaic Quilts. Finished Edge Appliqué, Longarm, Quilt History
Series 2500

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