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60mm Rotary Cutter by Quilters Select

Quilters Select Rotary A 60mm Rotary Cutter by Quilters Select Smoothly and quickly cut multiple layers of fabric.. Product #: QS-Rotary-Cutter-60 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $51.99 $51.99 7

Quilters Select Rotary 60mm Cutter

Price: $51.99

Stock Status: In Stock
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Quickly cut multiple layers of fabric with the 60mm rotary cutter.

This 60mm cutter has an innovative ambidextrous design that ensures precise cutting along a ruler in either your left or right hand. In addition, the unique and easy magnetic blade replacement means you'll never drop a blade again!

Replacement blades available in packs of 3.

Customer L. says,
"I attended a show taping back in February I think. Of course I purchased things from the store! One of those things was Alexs weighted rotary cutter. I LOVE it. I use it almost exclusively. The others are now for paper etc. LOL I just wanted to tell you that it changed my life in cutting fabric."

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