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Ruler Handle By Quilters Select

Quilters Select Ruler Handle By Quilters Select Easily lift and move your quilting ruler and stabilize it while cutting.. Product #: QUILS-NOTI-RULH based on 0 reviews Regular price: $6.59 $6.59 15

Ruler Handle By Quilters Select

Price: $6.59

Stock Status: In Stock
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You know that thing your ruler does when you try to lift and move it- first it is hard to get your fingers under the edge, and then when you do manage to do that the ruler creates a vacuum with your cutting mat that makes it hard to lift. This handy ruler handle eliminates that issue- once attached to your ruler via the easily-removabe suction cup. you can just grab the knowb and lift yor ruler off of any surface. Plus, you can use the ruler handle for extra stailization while cutting- just place your hand flat on the ruler with the the knob between your fingers and keep your ruler from sliding arund.

  • The sturdy handle keeps your ruler stable while you move it or cut with it
  • Easily attaches with a soft plastic suction cup
  • Easily detaches with a tug on the suction cup tab

Use one for smaller rulers, two for large rulers.

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