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1.5" X 12" Non-slip Quilting Ruler By Quilters Select

Quilters Select Ruler 1.5" X 12" Non-slip Quilting Ruler By Quilters Select Use it to cut skinny strips for quilting.. Product #: QUILS-RULE-1512 based on 1 reviews Regular price: $11.99 $11.99 23

1.5 X 12 Inch Non-slip Quilting Ruler By Quilters Select

Price: $11.99

Stock Status: In Stock
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This Quilters Select 1.5 x 12 non-slip ruler is perfect for cutting skinny strips for quilting.

Beloved by all who try them, these rulers are considered by fans to be the best available for two critical reasons-

  • The unique non-slip coating keeps it in place as you cut- even on slippery or silky fabrics. No more wandering cuts!
  • Two sets of corresponding measurement numbers around the perimeter of the ruler - one that reads left to right, and one that reads right to left. This keeps you from doing that "thing" where you try to hold your fabric in place with one hand while you position the ruler with the other, only to realize that the ruler is backwards and you have to turn it around and re-align everything!

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