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Perfect Grip Tape by RNK - 2 Roll Variety Pack

RNK Perfect Grip Tape by RNK - 2 Roll Variety Pack A damage-free way secure thread spools, rolled patterns & fabrics.. Product #: rnkd-noti-pgt2 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $9.95 $9.95 27

Perfect Grip Tape by RNK

Price: $9.95

Stock Status: In Stock
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This tape has SO many uses!

RNK Perfect Grip Tape sticks to itself, but not what your wrap it around. Use it for a damage-free way fasten thread spools, hold rolled patterns & fabrics, add extra grip to machine sewing hoops, and an infinite number of other things.

Multiple colors can even let you color code your stabilizers ex: Use red to id cutaways, blue for water solubles, etc.

2 Roll Variety Pack includes:

1 roll of 1 inch x 5 yards in white
1 roll of 2 inch x 5 yards in purple

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