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EZ Rip N Grip Ergonomic Seam Ripper & Stitch Remover by Cindy Needham

Cindy Needham EZ Rip N Grip Ergonomic Seam Ripper & Stitch Remover by Cindy Needham A seam ripper & tweezer combo tool with an ergnomic center pivot.. Product #: CINN-NOTI-EZRG based on 3 reviews Regular price: $19.99 $19.99 2

EZ Rip N Grip by Cindy Needham

Price: $19.99

Stock Status: In Stock
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Quality tools are very important in any profession... especially in the world of sewing and quilting. We are all faced with the dreaded task of removing stitches and seams from our work, and Cindy Needham has come up with the perfect tool to make this much easier!

The EZ RipNGrip is two tools in one- a fine point seam ripper on one end and on the other, a tweezer with perfectly matched blades so they can grab and hold even the finest of threads. The center pivot makes it so that you can arrange the tool however is most comfortable for your hand, and of course it also allows for you to fold the tool up completely for compact storage in its own case.

Measures 3 1/4" closed, 6" open and about 1/2" in depth.

The EZ Rip N Grip comes with a blue case so it can be protected no matter where you travel.

Gary Iglesias
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I have this nifty tool and love it. Works really smooth and the added feature of the tweezer makes the task at least less painful.

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