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Curved Awl By Clover

Clover Needlecraft Curved Awl By Clover Great for feeding fabric, removing stitches & stray threads, etc... Product #: CLOV-NOTI-CAWL based on 0 reviews Regular price: $12.40 $12.40 9

Clover Curved Awl

Price: $12.40

Stock Status: In Stock
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The Clover Curved Awl has many uses. Use it to "finger press" in places where your finger won't fit, push out seams with the curved edge, gently remove stitches with the pointed tip, or use it to feed fabric to your sewing machine. You can also use it to easily remove stray threads easily after you have quilted your project!

An ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort for controlled results.

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