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Perfect Stems by Karen Kay Buckley

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Stems by Karen Kay Buckley Iron-safe templates make it easy to create turned edge strips.. Product #: kdb-perf-stem based on 0 reviews Regular price: $11.99 $11.99 9

Perfect Stems by Karen Kay Buckley

Price: $11.99

Stock Status: In Stock
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Perfect Stems are reusable, iron-safe templates that bring your appliqué to the next level by making it easy to create flawless turned edge strips as narrow as 1/8 inch - just follow the simple and straightforward instructions for making strips of any length.

Package contains 8 reusable, heat-resistant stems, each in a different size:

Yellow: 1/8 inch
Lime green: a little over 1/8 inch
Green: a little under 1/4 inch
Blue: 1/4 inch
Purple: a little over 1/4 inch
Pink: a little over 3/8 inch
Red: 3/8 inch
Orange: just under 1/2 inch

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