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Frequently Asked Question - What is an Avatar and how do I upload one to my profile?

What is an Avatar and how do I upload one to my profile?


What is an AVATAR? An Avatar is an icon, figure, or photo representing a particular person in internet forums.

How do I upload an Avatar? If you have a photo you would like to use, you can.  If you want an icon as an avatar, there are plenty of free sites online that you can download some to your computer.  Any Avatar you want, needs to be either a .png, .jpeg, or .jpg file only.  Once you have the file on your computer, follow the steps below:



  1. First, select your profile in the top Purple bar on any page.
  2. Second, select the PROFILE tab
  3. Third, select AVATAR tab
  4. Fourth, select the "Choose File" button and select the file you want to be your avatar.  This could be one you downloaded, a pic, or a figure.  Just remember, it has to be a .png, .jpeg, or .jpg file only.
  5. Fifth, once you selected your file, select the purple UPLOAD AVATAR button.



 This AVATAR you have uploaded will appear in the forum, groups, etc...for your ID.