Now that I have everyone’s attention, thank you for all your kind words and positive critiques. We worked very hard to assemble the best team possible for the first six shows and look forward to taping the next round. “It’s a New Day” is our motto and we believe that day is now. Quilting is so much more than simply sewing patches of cloth together. Quilting is a lifestyle and interestingly we quilters have a unique quality that I am not sure exists in any other subculture. Although we come in different human body packages our hearts and spirits seem to be much a like. Personally, I have never met a quilter I didn’t like or feel instantly connected to. Our show plans to celebrate who we are as a community along with learning the “how tos” of quilting. We are much more than a nine patch. If you are a quilter, you know this to be true.


As an aside, I learned the other day that our endeavor would not have been possible six months ago. We are truly pioneering a new mode of communication and embrace the possibilities. Sure, there are some little wrinkles and we are addressing them. But hey, isn’t that how quilts start out? Piece by piece we are committed to building our world web community one step at a time. Thank you for jumping on board with this new and exciting format and we thank you.


And now it is time, just as promised for show number two! Vikki Pignatelli joins us for inspiration and teaches great techniques to broaden our quilt making skills. Her soulful spirit sings life into her beautiful work.

Episode 102 is Now Online - Enjoy the Show

Click above or go to the Episode List under "Watch a Show"


Here we go - time to celebrate! Have fun, It's a NEW DAY! Quilters world wide, unite!!! Thank you for helping us build YOUR site.

Episode 101 is Now Online - Enjoy the Show

hhmm...........2:20 left to go. I KNOW that Joe will make you smile! Do you bury your knots? I need all the support I can get!


Yikes - well, I'm just at a loss. You try everything and then - Kaput! Crash - and the whole thing just goes up in smoke! Just kidding - April Fools!

Now that I've got your attention! Congratulations to all of you - our World Quilt Community Members. Your enthusiasm has exceeded our hopes for membership totals at the launch date - over 15,000 total members and over 10,000 Gold Star Charter Members! This evening/tonight at midnight East Coast Time, the option for Gold Star Charter Member will disappear forever and the first show will be clickable. The long wait is over - well, at least we think so.

We want to continue to ask for your patience as we have no idea what the draw will be on the servers. What we do know is that everything works as it should. If it is not working there is most likely something amiss on your end. The servers will be monitored and if something is awry on our end, we'll hop in it immediately.

For example, wireless connections can be very good and strong and then just blip out for seconds causing pauses or delays in the video. We understand that firewalls on personal computers may or may not interfere with the streaming content. We also reaize that tech support questions will continue to come in and we want you to know that we will answer all of them as soon as possible. There are a million reasons why you might not get a smooth playing video, but 95% of you should have no problem at all.

The biggest thing we know is that what we are doing could not have been done six months ago. The technology we are using is THAT new. All of you that have had technical issues have been extrememly gracious and patient. Thanks for that attitude - it really helps!

Please remember if the video is not playing at all, there might be a server overload - like phone calls to grandma on Christmas Day several years ago. But, once again we'll be monitoring this and if necessary, we'll make reports to you right here on the blog.

Now - it really is A NEW DAY!



Well, we completed the first Super Seminar in Escondido, near San Diego, CA - last night. WOW - what a great time we had. Here on stage from left to right are: Yours Truly, Libby Lehman, Alex Anderson, and Bob Purcell (The Thread Gudy, Superior Threads). We don't need to write a lot here about it, we want those who were there to post a comment and tell the story. - Blog away gang - and thanks for such a wonderful experience? Ricky

We have spoken to our beloved team and they have recommended that we launch show 2 on April 3. What I love about the first two shows is that they are very different in nature, giving you a glimpse of the spectrum of style we can offer. Kind of like complementary colors, opposite on the color wheel providing a rich combination of viewing pleasure. Be sure to clique, Watch a Show to see the first After Set.



We are proud to announce Stitchin Heaven, an online ecommerce shopping spot for quilters, has come on board as one of our site sponsors. We are so thankful to have them on board. Debby Luttrell and team will be able to assit you when you are having difficulty finding something at your local quilt shop. They have a wide variety of products that quilters will love - check out their site. They will have a banner on in the left filmstrip so they will always be easy to find when you are visiting The Quilt Show. If you every are in Quitman, Tx, stop into their brick and mortar shop and tell them HI.


Welcome Stichin Heaven! 


Story Submitted by: Koala58

For Pueblo's Quilt Expo this year their theme for the challenge fabric packet was "Creativity Isn't Boaring" in honor of the Chinese Year of the Boar. I had mentioned this to several of the quilt guild ladies I meet with once a week, saying "what would you do with that"? I just was going "duh" as nothing came to mind and I decided I wasn't going to do the challenge. I only had 8 weeks to get the fabric, plan a challenge piece and do it. Well, the following week one of the ladies handed me this ziplock of fabric and said "now you get to do the challenge". Now, she did tell me I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to. But, they know me and how I can't turn down a challenge. The fabric sat in the bag for 4 weeks before I took it out, I just didn't know what to do with it. It was all oriental prints. As soon as I opened the bag and took the fabric out, I knew what path I was going to take. A pagoda was wanting to be made. Of the 5 challenge fabrics, I had to use 4 and could add up to 2 of my own. I used 4 of them and added 2. One was a focus print with flowers, cranes, groups of green for the trees. The "shingles" of the pagoda are the feathers from the crane. As each piece was made, the next step would come to me. I started only with a game plan of making the pagoda, it grew trom there. The pagoda, flowers, and the lanterns are sandwiched with timtex to give them the stability I wanted. Their is a boar quilted on the wallhanging, small meandering in monofilament thread surrounds it. For a piece that I initially didn't want to do, I became very attached to it and it was very hard for me to hand off last week for the expo. I will be going up tomorrow, but I got a call today, from my friend that gave me the fabric, that I won 1st place in the wallhanging division! I am estatic! I will be going up tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how others have interpreted the theme. For the non quilters who think I'm nuts when I say my fabric speaks to me, I feel bad for them. They don't know what they are missing by those voices only us quilters can hear.

OOHHHHH, it has been strangely quiet here in blog land. That is because Ricky, Libby, Bob the Thread Guy, Justin and myself have been in San Diego Super Seminaring it. Never having attended this event before, I have to admit it is AWESOME! Though you might think our eyes have drifted from the BIG Day, they have not. Our team has been working around the clock and it seems most the details have been worked out. IF you are having problems with accessing the pre show, PLEASE make sure you are using updated versions of browsers, your connection is strong as well as having flash installed. We thank you for all your KIND AND SUPPORTIVE wishes and look forward to pioneering this form of communication as a team. WE the quilters (and that means YOU) own this venue and for that alone it's time to celebrate! It is A NEW DAY!

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SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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