Need to finish your quilts in time for the holidays? Ricky shows you his method for creating a mitered binding.

#19 Sandy A 2016-12-06 05:56
That looks like a toll Deborah Manlove the bindy thingy
#18 Brendaintheboro 2016-12-02 15:18
just did a binding based on this but brought it to the front and used a machine blanket stitch. pleased with it on a utility quilt
#17 Helen 2016-11-29 23:48
:D :D Neat little trick. Thanks for sharing.
#16 Ann 2016-11-29 10:06
I'll stick with the old way of folding and turning. I'd probably just hurt myself with this new method.
#15 Pat Rosenthal 2016-11-27 21:22
I learned how to do a COMPLETELY machine applied piped binding from Ricky about 10 years ago at the end of a 3 day class. It has the same stitched corners and goes on in remarkably little time. I use it on about 90% of my quilts. People look at my quilts and can't figure how the binding was applied. Not one single hand stitch! The stitching is so hidden. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ricky Tims.
#14 Lovay Broussard 2016-11-27 17:51
Where can you get the corner miter tool?
#13 Marla 2016-11-27 13:18
@Jeannette yes it IS completely sewn down by the machine, looks better than the hand way. I've done this on several show quilts.
@Sandy Soltis Google "animas quilts binding miter tool."
#12 Linda gagnon 2016-11-27 13:12
At The beginning of this demo Ricky said to fold the 3 inch strip right sides together but it's actually wrong sides together. That might confuse some people. Thanks for the demo.
#11 Sandra 2016-11-27 12:04
You said in beginning, right sides together when you meant wrong sides together- we could see what you did but if you do another video on this, fix that, please.
#10 Sharon 2016-11-27 11:36
Great video. Now I know how to use the binding tool I bought at your last seminar! :lol:
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