The Quilt Show Newsletter September 24, 2021

 A Quilt of Two Styles, On The Set with Lisa Ellis, Quilting Rulers and Prairie Points, Learn About Mountain Mist, Beanstalk Quilt Kit, A Puzzle Reflecting Philadelphia

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Weekend Fun - September 24, 2021


Featured Quilt - When East Meets West

Sometimes the merging of two styles into one quilt can be greater than if you were to make two separate quilts of each style. Such was the case with Elisabeth Lenaerets and her unusually shaped quilt, Into the Sun from East to West. Featured in the In Full Bloom exhibit at Houston 2018, Elisabeth says of her design approach, "The shape of the quilt, an octagon with a medallion in the center, and the style of the embroidery and appliqués were the inspiration showing that Western and Eastern styles mix perfectly together."

On The Set with Lisa Ellis and Ricky Tims


Get The Scoop on Lisa Ellis

What's on deck for this week's show? Go behind the scenes with Lisa Ellis and find out. As an engineer, Lisa designed a mock cathedral block that is a ‘quilt as you go’ machine-sewn method using charm squares that you'll want to check out, while also sharing tips for adding thread painted lettering to your quilt project. Plus, Ricky will also teach how to make a contemporary Chinese Coins quilt.

Watch Lisa and Ricky in How To Make Cathedral Windows By Machine And Thread Paint with Lisa Ellis | Making A Contemporary Chinese Coins Quilt with Ricky Tims, when it debuts this Sunday, September 26, 2021!

The Quilt Show LIVE: Quilting Rulers & Prairie Points


Alex LIVE: Quilting Rulers Tutorial

Alex welcomes Judy Fredenburgh (Show 2211) from Quilters Select to demonstrate her approach to using Machine Quilting Rulers. This approach has made quilting stars out of ordinary quilters. Take a look at how to use these helpful and fun quilting tools.

Alex will be LIVE TODAY, September 24, 2021 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Dee LIVE: Prairie Points and Fabric Folding

Prairie Points add texture and color and fun to a quilt. You can put them on the border, but you can also put them in the flange or even a block. Dee Christopher shows you ways to use Prairie Points throughout your quilt.

Dee will be LIVE TOMORROW, September 25, 2021 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Martha’s Vineyard – Time to Think about the Harvest


Learn About Mountain Mist

"This is the time of year that the harvest begins to come in. In far West Texas our landscape turns white as the cotton balls form among cotton fields as far as the eye can see. In other parts of the country grapes are harvested as this beautiful quilt reminds us. The Martha’s Vineyard pattern appeared on the batting wrapper for the Mountain Mist company beginning in 1931."

New In The Store - Beanstalk Quilt Kit


Climb To The Top With This Kit

Make a colorful and contemporary Beanstalk Quilt with beautiful "Alfie" fabric by Este MacLeod for Windham Fabrics.

The kit supplies you with both the fabric, including includes 9.625 Yards of 100% cotton fabric, and and a printed Beanstalk pattern by Robin Pickens to make a beautifully colored blocked quilt that will enliven any space.

(Quilt Size: 77" x 77")

The Quilt Show Puzzle: From The Streets of Philly


"Reflections 3" by Natalya Khorover

Reflections 3 is inspired by the city of Philadelphia and is made entirely out of plastic. One specific plastic material used throughout is bubble wrap, and the quilt is held together with both hand and machine stitching. So while it might not all be plastic, Natalya still had to get the quilting part in somewhere.

See more of Natalya's quilts in How to Repurpose Litter for Use in Your Quilts with Natalya Khorover | How To Upcycle Your Jeans Into a Quilt with Ricky.



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