The Quilt Show Newsletter September 13, 2021

A Quilt from China, Quilts Saved Lives, Natalya Khorover Makes Quilts with ???, Alex Teaches the "Circle Maker", In The Treetops Wall Quilt Kit, Jinny's Memory Match, Not Your Garden Variety Puzzle 


September 13, 2021


Featured Quilt - Riding Through Your Dreams

Take Dream as a Horse by Jing Chen of China is truly a dream of a quilt. Two stunning horses seem to appear out of a sea of watercolor. Hand pieced and machine quilted, Jing's quilt was on display as part of the Animal Kingdom exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2018.

The Panguitch Quilt Walk


Quilts Do More Than Just Keep You Warm

The Quilt Show's Marketing Director, and it turns out intrepid reporter, Kristin Goedert came across a museum exhibit in Utah a few years ago that told the story of The Panguitch Quilt Walk from the 1860s. This story, one of ingenuity and perseverance, shows how important quilts can be both personally and for survival. Learn the story, and see the quilt made in tribute to this heroic tale.

Natalya Khorover Makes Creative Quilts with Plastic


"Plastic" Makes Perfect

In our newest show, Natalya Khorover shares a wide variety of examples of plastics found everywhere, featuring images, colors, texts, that offer an unlimited opportunity for creativity. See what she comes up with and your creativity quotient will go through the roof with possibilities!

Learn from Natalya in How to Repurpose Litter for Use in Your Quilts with Natalya Khorover | How To Upcycle Your Jeans Into a Quilt with Ricky.

Alex LIVE: The Circle "Maker" Attachment


The Circle Goes Round and Round

The circle "maker" attachment is a fun tool. Alex has used it in quilts and shows you how it works, how to stay safe, and problems to avoid. See how she uses the circle "maker" in quilting.

Alex will be LIVE TODAY, September 13, 2021 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

In The Store - In The Treetops Wall Quilt Kit


A Fun Small Project

This dramatic In The Treetops Wall Quilt Kit in Moda Fabrics offers the opportunity to practice your applique and embroidery skills. Featuring a charming solitary bird carrying a cherry surrounded by nests full of beautifully patterned eggs, it is the perfect autumnal accent for any home.

(Size: 16" x 20")

Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game

Are you prepared to win? Jinny Beyer's Memory Match is waiting for you, knowing a new best time is just around the corner.


The Quilt Show Puzzle: Garden Inspired Silk Dupioni


"Gilding the Arbor" by Bethanne Nemesh

Bethanne writes of Gilding the Arbor, "This silk dupioni quilt is an original design inspired by my love of whole cloth quilting, Asian silk embroidery and antique botanical prints. All the flora and fauna was free drawn on the quilt with chalk and refined with wash out pen before quilting. The design elements can be recognized in my garden photography, as well as images from gardening catalogues and Dover design books."

See more of Bethanne's quilts in How to do Beaded Piping with Bethanne Nemesh | Collage Techniques from Lesley Riley.



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