The Quilt Show Newsletter September 12, 2021

An Abstract Sunrise, New Show With "New Materials", The Story Behind Karlee Porter's Quilt - "Disparity", Vintage Pieces in Modern Quilts, 60mm Rotary Cutter In Store, A Puzzle Inspired by Optical Illusions 


Sunday Smiles September 12, 2021


Featured Quilt - Take A Look At The Sunrise

Gulf Coast Sunrise by Susan Mogan is a beautiful quilt inspired by the New York Beauty pattern. We were intrigued by how she replicated her piecing with her quilting and thread choices. We enjoyed looking at all the details in this spectacular sunrise. Susan's quilt was on display as part of the Abstract Small exhibit at Houston 2018.

It's Time For A New Show With Natalya Khorover!


It's interesting, different, fun, and good for the Earth

Natalya Khorover shows how she repurposes plastic and "litter" that usually gets tossed in the trash and turns it into quilting art. Along with tips and tricks, she shares creative and out of the box ways to use them for collage and in your art quilts.

Plus, Ricky makes a rail fence quilt using upcycled jeans.

Watch Natalya and Ricky in How to Repurpose Litter for Use in Your Quilts with Natalya Khorover | How To Upcycle Your Jeans Into a Quilt with Ricky, which debuts today!

Learn All About Karlee Porter's Quilt, "Disparity"


Karlee Shares Her Quilt's Story

Last month we featured Karlee Porter's award-winning quilt, Disparity, in our Featured Quilt Gallery. Now, Karlee has more information to share with you about the journey she went on to make this quilt. Plus, she has a coupon to get 25% off the design she used for the quilt top, or ANY other custom printed quilt tops from honestfabric.com!

Learn from Karlee right here at The Quilt Show by watching her in Graffiti Quilting and Lettering with Karlee Porter.

Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist - Special Exhibit Curated by Mary Kerr


A New Twist on Old Favorites

Mary Kerr (Show 2102) walks through her special exhibit, Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist, at AQS QuiltWeek – Des Moines 2017. See how Mary used pieces of vintage quilts to make new modern quilts and had them quilted by 20 longarm quilters.

In The Store - 60mm Rotary Cutter

Featured in Our Newest Show

Quickly cut multiple layers of fabric or heavy fabric like denim with the Quilters Select 60mm Rotary Cutter. See it in action in our brand new show featuring Natalya Khorover.

P.S. It also works for lefties!


The Quilt Show Puzzle: How Many Tigers Do You See?


Inspired by Optical Illusions - "Tiger, Tiger" by Kris Vierra

Kris says of Tiger, Tiger, "I have always been fascinated with the eyes ability to trick the mind. Do you see the beautiful girl, or the hag? The faces, or the vases? I wanted to make a quilt inspired by these types of optical illusions. In addition to the two regular tigers, there are 14 others hidden in and around the quilt, in the applique and the quilting. Inspired by the works of Escher, Dali, and Willistration. Tiger, Tiger is part of the permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum."

See more of Kris' quilts Learn Finishing Techniques and How to Quilt Your Garments with Kris Vierra.

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I Spy With My Little Eye

Sometimes the quilting of a quilt is more than just filling up the space with swirls and zigzags. A lot of quilters have fun with the quilting and fill it with little secrets for the viewer to find later (as evidenced by Kris Vierra's quilt above and garment to the left). At The Quilt Show we want YOU to have fun with your quilting too! Learn the tips and tricks from the best teachers so you can have your own little secrets.



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