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The Quilt Show Newsletter July 21, 2021

Bad Habits Quilters Need To Quit, A Quilt That Looks Like Water, Glowing Reviews for Julia McLeod, Alex Chooses Focus Fabrics, See A Quilter's Body of Work, Restocked Oliso Mini Project Irons, New Mini Color Wheel, A Meandering Puzzle 


Welcome to Wednesday

July 21, 2021


Featured Quilt - Venice in France?

Quilters tend to travel a lot. They visit shows that they have quilts in, visit their friends to see their quilts, go on a quilting retreat, and so on. Those trips in turn can inspire entirely new works, as they did for Nancy Woods. Her quilt, Echoes in Little Venice, was featured in the Art-Pictorial category at Houston in 2017. As for the inspirational trip, "Colmar, France, also known as Little Venice, is famous for its canals, cobblestones, and 16th-century architecture. Imagine going back in time, for just a day, to hear and see the tradesmen floating their wares down the canals to the market."

Bad Habits Quilters Need To Quit


What Are They?

Superior Threads suggests that there are some things that quilters should stop doing.

Do you have any of these bad habits?

Discover those bad habits you need to quit.

Glowing Reviews for Julia McLeod


And Don't Forget Youngmin Lee Too!

"Absolutely stunning and inspiring show with Julia McLeod elegantly showing us the way down the silk road and foundation piecing. Her quilts are spectacular. Youngmin Lee's delicate Korean paper cord quilting is such a unique technique and her sweet nature draws one in as her stitching unfolds beautifully and gracefully. Thank you Alex and Ricky for bringing excellence to our quilting community through your fabulous Quilt Shows." - mcw622

Learn from Julia and Youngmin in How to Work With Neckties And Silk with Julia McLeod | Korean Paper Cord Quilting With Youngmin Lee.

Alex LIVE: Focus Fabric - Choices Reimagined


How to Use a Focus Fabric

Alex loves focus fabric. She chooses it not just because it is beautiful, but because it acts as a catalyst for making decisions about other fabrics you can use in your quilt. In this session, she talks about how she makes those decisions and what she considers a true focus fabric.

Join Alex LIVE TODAY on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.

Texas Tech: So How Many Quilts Did You Make in 25 Years?

See A Quilter's Body of Work

Beginning in early August 2021, the Museum of Texas Tech University will showcase more than 70 quilts made by prolific West Texas quilter, Linda Fisher. It is rare to find so many quilts by one maker at any museum. Mary Schaefer’s quilts at Michigan State University are one such collection, but few others exist. The Fisher quilt collection allows for a study of the complete work of one quilt artist of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Quilt Photo: Autumn Jewels made by Linda Fisher 2013. Gift of Linda Fisher (Mrs. Charles)


Restocked - Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Irons


One Mighty Iron, So Many Choices

Get the power of a full sized iron in a compact, lightweight and *cute* package with the Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Irons! Available in four colors, choose from TURQUOISE, PURPLE, PINK & YELLOW.

The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Ride Across The River"


"Mississippi Meander" by Timna Tarr

Timna created her quilt, Mississippi Meander, based on a map showing the ancient meanders of the Mississippi River. Each color represents a different time period in the river's life. She put the key to the map in the quilt's binding. Timna's quilt was exhibited at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2018.

See more of Timna's quilts in How to Make Map Quilts and Mosaic Techniques with Timna Tarr | Quilt History with Mary Fons.



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