Show 913 - TQS Quilting Legend 2011

Featuring: Eleanor Burns

Posts On: December 19, 2011 (Free from January 23, 2014 through December 31, 2020)

In our 900 series finale, beloved quilter, teacher, author/publisher (of over 100 books!), longtime PBS television personality, and 2011 TQS Quilting Legend, the irrepressible Quilt-in-a-Day Lady, Eleanor Burns opens her wonderful log home and spacious studio to Alex, Ricky, and the TQS gang. After Eleanor shares her quilting history and a generous sampling of quilts, we peek in on students at work on a quick-and-easy quilt using Eleanor's Fabric Frenzy pattern. Along the way, Eleanor demonstrates her technique for sewing partial seams, and takes Alex and Ricky on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint town of Julian, CA, where they sample a slice of the famous local apple pie. All in all, a "delicious" experience you won't want to miss!

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From Chapter One:

Eleanor Burns and family share her Incredible history including both personal and the journey of her thriving business,
Quilt in a Day.

From Chapter Two:

Eleanor opens her log cabin door gives us a private tour of the Bears Paw Ranch and gives us an old fashion bed turning
To order the book Eleanor´s Log Cabin - Click Here
To order the book Grandmother´s Garden - Click Here
To order the book The Magic Vine - Click Here
To order the book or DVD Day and Night - Click Here
To order the book Still Stripping after 25 Years - Click Here

From Chapter Three:

Eleanor teaches her class Fabric Frenzy which includes partial seaming.
Quilts of Valor - Click Here
To order Eleanor´s favorite strip cutting ruler - Click Here
To order the AccuQuilt Eagle - Click Here

From Chapter Four:

Click here to learn more about Eleanor's favorite little historical town, Julian, California.


#3 NaniBunch10 2016-04-07 00:52
I have so enjoyed viewing TQS Quilting Legend 2011 - regarding Eleanor Burns, whom I love. It was inspiring, encouraging and motivating. Thank you so much for this.
#2 jfk992 2016-03-18 23:05
:-) Hearing your background story for the first time and I must say it endears you to my heart more than ever! You are truly one of a kind and have become the heart of the quilting community. Thank you for many years of quilting pleasure with your books, patterns, and videos. Love you!
#1 Bernice Mozeleski 2016-01-28 15:51
Speedy recovery! Miss you on the RFD TV Quilt in a day series, (even my husband). He told me to go on line to find out why your show wasn't on. Hopefully, you'll be coming back soon. Just keep your positive and joyful attitude. Prayers are with you.

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