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Show 904 - The Wonderful World of Embroidered Appliqué

Featuring: Sarah Vedeler

Posts On: August 15, 2011


In 2002, Sarah Vedeler left a career as a software engineer to become a full-time mom - and fell in love with quilting and embroidery. Nowadays, she calls upon her software background to design outstanding embroidery and embroidered appliqué patterns, teaches, and creates beautiful quilts. She joins us to demonstrate how to use the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter and dies to create embroidered appliqué and shares some helpful hints for giving your digital embroidery "a pop" with quilting. Speaking of quilting: Alex shows how easy it is to create an original quilting design to fill a specific area of your quilt.

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Sarah Vedeler (Meaning of Life Designs)

From Chapter One:

Alex teaches basic "rules" to approach quilting designs.

From Chapter Two:

Meet Sarah Vedeler and see her quilts.

From Chapter Three:

Sarah teaches us how easy it is to use technology to achieve stunning quilts.

From Chapter Four:

Sarah teaches her approach to quilting designs and shares her life goals.

After Set:

Sarah shares a tree skirt, modeled by Ricky, and talks about her time learning to ballroom dance.

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