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Show 804 - Create Your Own Rhapsody Quilt: Part 2

Featuring: Ricky Tims

Posts On: February 14, 2011


This episode is so "meaty" that we had to break it into two parts! You'll want to be on hand for both as quiltmaker, teacher, author, fabric designer, musician, and our own TQS co-host Ricky Tims walks you through the complete process for making your own, unique Rhapsody-style quilt. Learn to create the design, make the templates, prepare the background, prepare and stitch the appliqués, and assemble the component parts into an original masterwork that you and your family will treasure. In addition to the step-by-step process, Ricky will have lots of fantastic quilts on hand to inspire you. It's almost like having him come to your sewing room for private lessons...and you can replay each step as many times as you wish!

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Ricky Tims

From Chapter One:

Ricky Tims continues teaching Rhapsody quilts by sharing time saving techniques on how he prepares and cuts out appliqué shapes for his Rhapsody quilt.

From Chapter Two:

The design takes shape as all the appliqué pieces are revealed. Then, Ricky illustrates how he stitches his raw-edge appliqué using a double-blanket stitch. Learn the finesse of sharp points, sharp inside wedges, and beautiful small rounded curves. For his raw edge appliqué technique, Ricky uses Steam-A-Seam 2.

From Chapter Three:

In this segment, Ricky demonstrates how he actually stitches the double-blanket stitch on the sewing machine.

From Chapter Four:

Learn Ricky's No-pins Precision Curved piecing method utilizing the stay stitching and registration marks that were prepared in Show 803: Create Your Own Rhapsody Quilt - Part 1. Finally, learn to inset a curved "L" shape corner.

From The Afterset:

Enjoy a collection of stunning Rhapsody quilts, set to Ricky's music, made by his students and others who simply followed the instructions in his book, Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts: Inspiring, Amazing - Create Your Own!

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#3 Janet McElroy 2017-03-20 12:02
I have always admired your Rhapsody Quilts and am now tempted, very tempted to do one for myself as you suggest at end of show, thank you both of you for great demonstrations.
#2 marymendalski 2016-10-31 20:47
Somewhat confusing that advice is too applique the pieces and then sew them together, yet the demo appears to sew the blank pieces together, am I missing something.
#1 sunshinerandall 2016-03-21 14:38
I watched the first show ( again) this morning, but cannot get the second one in this series to work. I tried several times this morning and have tried a few times this afternoon. Can someone check into this for me, please?
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