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Show 711 - Quilting: Where Imagination and Reality Meet

Featuring: Rosalie Dace / Jennifer Chiaverini / Michael Cummings

Posts On: November 22, 2010


You'll no doubt want to be "front and center" as quilt artist Rosalie Dace brings us a touch of her native South Africa through her quilts and photos, shares the secrets of how she creates focal points in her work, and demonstrates how to stitch "super-skinny" straight and curved lines on a quilt surface using a 1/4" foot. In another segment, we chat with best-selling author Jennifer Chiaverini about her Elm Creek novels to discover how she weaves her quilting knowledge into her novels and how the novels have led to a series of quilting books. In addition, Alex uses the House block from her Welcome Home quilt to demo the flip-and-sew piecing method, and we go on location to visit artist and quilter Michael Cummings to see how he constructs his folk-art-style narrative quilts in the dining room of his 1860s "shotgun" home in New York City.

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Rosalie Dace

Jennifer Chiaverini

Michael Cummings

From Chapter One:

Alex teaches several easy tips and tricks to use with her Welcome Home pattern, including a tricky roofline.

From Chapter Two:

We visit Michael Cummings in his home and studio. After that, Rosalie Dace, from South Africa, shares her work and quilt journey with us.

From Chapter Three:

Rosalie teaches the importance of pattern and line and innovative piecing techniques.

From Chapter Four:

Author Jennifer Chiaverini joins the hosts and talks about her ever popular novels. She shares the stories and quilts behind them.

From Chapter Four:

A montage of Rosalie's quilts is featured, accompanied by music from Ricky Tims.

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#1 Grandmere 2017-08-30 22:43
Is there any way I can obtain instructions on Rosalie Dace's method of piecing, sewing and cutting those curved strips. I'm confused with directions on pressing the seam allowance way towards the skinny fabric, and I think pressing the other way. Also, cutting curves is confusing. Step by step Pictures and instructions would help. (show 711)
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