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Show 513 - TQS Quilting Legend Libby Lehman

Featuring: Libby Lehman

Posts On: December 21, 2009

Join Alex and Ricky as they visit the home and workspace of legendary quilter and good friend, Libby Lehman. Libby has a rich history of quilting in her family and to her credit has one of the Top 100 Quilts of the Century. You will also learn how she gets so much accomplished in spite of her incredible traveling schedule. Libby has a deep knowledge of sewing machine capabilities, an artist's feel for color, movement, and design, as well as a wonderful sense of humor. Join TQS as we celebrate Libby Lehman as our 2009 Quilting Legend.

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Libby Lehman (No Website Available)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky surprise Libby Lehman when they announce that she is the TQS Quilting Legend for 2009. We then sit down for a chat and learn about Libby from her mother, Catherine Anthony.

From Chapter Two:

We tour Libby’s highly organized office and studio and get some organizational tips as well.

From Chapter Three:

Libby demos some of her sewing techniques, including how to create radiant circles.

From Chapter Four:

A look at Libby's quilts is taken during Show and Tell, and then Libby receives her TQS Quilting Legend Award for 2009.


Libby, Alex, and Ricky sit down for some margaritas at The Lexington Grille in Houston, Texas and discuss the path that led her to becoming a professional quilter.

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#3 mlmurphy1012 2019-04-27 11:03
I learned this week that she has a good quality of life, but quilting is part of her past. She still loves puzzles, Scrabble, going on outings and visiting with her friends. Such a blessing.
#2 Susan Y Gilbert 2018-11-10 19:49
I too would like to hear how Libby is doing.
#1 Jean Coleman 2018-11-09 21:06
I made a vest using Libby's ribbon technique and to this day I still get compliments on it when I wear it. My friend & I attended your seminar when you were in or near Troy, MI, and Libby was supposed to be one of the teachers but she had just had her stroke and was not there. I have watched her recovery over the years (amazing! and truly inspirational) and I am wondering how she is doing at this time?
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