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Show 510 - Quilts Through Two Artist's Eyes

Featuring: Patt Blair / Tammy Finkler

Posts On: November 9, 2009

Join us for a show that presents different perspectives from two award-winning quilt artists. Tammy Finkler, a traditional quilter and longarm quilting expert, guides you step by step through the process of designing intricate wholecloth quilting designs. Then examine quilts from an artist's viewpoint as Patt Blair teaches you how to draw and paint a tiger's face using a special "paint pencil" and fabric dye. You'll love the whimsy Patt brings to her quilting. Bottom line? Don't miss the fun, information, and fabulous quilts in this show!

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Links to Artists:

Patt Blair (Patt's Art)

Tammy Finkler (TK Quilting & Design)

From Chapter One:

Tammy Finkler talks about making whole cloth quilts on a Gammill.

From Chapter Two:

Alex and Ricky sit down with Patt Blair, who shares her quilts and their inspirations.

From Chapter Three:

Patt teaches drawing for people who don’t draw and painting for people who don’t paint.

From Chapter Four:

Patt answers questions from the audience.

After Set:

Patt talks about what she does outside of quilting, including being a lay counsler.

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#1 happyhare 2017-11-22 19:05
The question of painting on a piece of fabric or using a long arm to quilt:
If someone sends a design to a fabric manufacture to print onto fabric are they not painting on fabric? And if the long arm had been around in Granny's day she would have been all over it.
It is three layer of stuff put together. It can keep you warm. It's a quilt.
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