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Show 505 - Fabric of Life Challenge

Featuring: Challenge Show

Posts On: August 31, 2009

TQS members joined with Carol Schillios and Fabric of Life to create quilts from fabric made by women in Mali. The challenge extended our design capabilities and increased our awareness and sensitivity for women around the world. Discover who won and see the designs created by Ricky, Alex, and some surprise participants. As an added bonus, Ricky and someone (???) show how their designs were created. You will then see how to paper piece a Compass design. This is a show brimming with design, color, and heart.

Show Information

Links to Artists:

Alex Anderson (Alex Anderson Quilts)

Ricky Tims

Carol Schillios (Fabric of Life)

Sue Garman (Come Quilt)

From Chapter One:

Alex and Ricky explain the Fabric of Life Challenge. Alex shares her challenge piece and demonstrates the blanket stitch

From Chapter Two:

Ricky shares how he met the challenge by “Connecting the Dots”.

From Chapter Three:

Sue Garman joins TQS and shows how she solved the challenge.

From Chapter Four:

Carol Schillios joins TQS and shares about her pet project, the Fabric of Life. Then Ricky, Alex, and Sue share the six finalists from the TQS Fabric of Life / Helping Hands Challenge. The finalists include:

  • Helping Hands by TQS member PlcSasassa
  • Building Blocks of Life by TQS member KakeM
  • Saving the Elephants by TQS member mj1234
  • Butterfly Effect by TQS member Karlynn
  • Change with a Helping Hand by TQS member pkopeckdesigns
  • A Teachers Helping Hand by TQS member mkdquilts

From The Afterset:

A gallery of Sue Garman’s work is shown accompanied by music from Ricky Tims.

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